Team Robotic Boomerangs Claims Amaze Award

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Congratulations to our Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A for their recent achievement at the Vex Robotics Tournament held at Scienceworks on Friday 17 November 2017.

It was truly an uphill battle to try and overcome the many games and especially since there were about 25 teams in all.

After some challenging but fun rounds, we are pleased that the team displayed such resilience and sportsmanship and emerged in 2nd place in the tournament. To top it off, they also won the Amaze Award! Well done team!

Now to focus on the Vex Robotics Nationals in Wangaratta next weekend - let's just give this final game for "In the Zone" our best!

The Benefits of a Robotics Education

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In a snippet, we explain why we think a robotics education rocks!

Robotics is a very specialized field of study which encompasses a lot of learning with hands on activities. It is fun, engaging, complex and tests our patience to its limits, all in one breath. It makes us learn how to communicate and collaborate with others, builds our problem-solving skills and helps us learn many new ways of doing things.

Most importantly, we develop an open mind – open to various possibilities and this makes us adaptable to different scenarios – for real, there is a lot of that in robotics! Above all, we become better people because we build up our resilience when faced with various scenarios.

Hey, you become a solution finder and you become undaunted by problems – how great is that and it all starts in the classroom by first yelling “My robot doesn’t work!!” Don’t be afraid to ask for help and then be sure to set yourself on the solution pathway to solving the problem.

Robotic Boomerangs Team 89999A

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Presenting Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s robotics team for 2017 – Robotic Boomerangs, Team 89999A.

Team 89999A members have participated in various robotics tournaments through the years and now in their teen years have decided to take their skills up further by participating in the Vex Robotics Competition “In the Zone” which is Season 2017 – 2018.

The team took the Tournament Champions title (in alliance) at the “In the Zone” Season Opener on Saturday 12 August 2017! This is a good start and we will continue to press on and do our best!

Robotic Boomerangs Claims Tournament Champions Title at Season Opener

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Last Saturday, 12 August 2017, Innovate’s Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A went to Doreen for the Season Opener of the Vex Robotics Competition “In the Zone” season 2017 – 2018.

Our team had a great time, though it was a last minute dash to get everything ready but yes we did and yes we truly had fun! Watching other teams play and the interesting robots each team had, made it all the more eventful as our team played the best we could.

We learnt so much  during the Season Opener and each team mate had a nice drive up to Doreen, bright and early to start the day. Love our dedicated team members.

It was a challenging day but all in all, we put in our best and emerged Tournament Champions in alliance with 2 other school teams. More importantly, all students had a great day and now we have to keep working through the “In the Zone” season.

Congratulations to Robotic Boomerangs! Let’s move onwards to keep this season going well!

Aerial Robotics – The Force Up High

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Many of us love drones! Drones come in various shapes and sizes and really make for an exciting way to discover and be a part of aerial robotics.

Drones are nice to fly and they have a lot to offer but how many of us understand how they work, how to use them wisely and safely and where to fly them? Plus, deepen our understanding of aerodynamics and gravity, how they can be coded and more.

Aerial robotics is great for students to understand concepts behind drones rather than just become consumers of such advanced technology. There is so much to learn, understand and also take flight!

Innovate’s first Aerial Robotics (Drones) holiday module was a great success with students flying drones through obstacles which were challenging to navigate and flying drones through simulation scenarios!

Have you been on the ground long enough? It’s time to take your learning to greater heights with Aerial Robotics. Fly high this coming Spring 2017 by checking out our holiday programs.


The Four C’s of Education

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According to ISTE, the four C’s of education are Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

This is 2017 learning, where students will not just be passive consumers of technology but actually understand why and how things work and how to make effective use of technology and enhance one’s learning.

These four C’s are more apparent in the academy than mentioned. Not only are kids and teens delving into robotics, they are doing far more than just playing with or programming a robot. They are learning (without knowing they actually are) about communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. By simply discussing ideas for their robotics projects or troubleshooting errors, they are working together with their team to find solutions to problems.

Thinking through the problems with a mindset geared towards a solution, collaborating with their team to ensure their robot works well and being creative with their solutions – makes a mind blowing experience (we don’t deny the tons of frustration involved, the communication malfunctions and series of little errors, of course!)

Yet, students tell of how much they are engaged in the classroom, their joys when they discover they could solve a problem, plus their frustrations when they could not and this makes for their reflective learning at Innovate Academy. We love the four C’s of education and continue to see them in the classrooms.

However, more than that, we also add on our core values such as patience, persistence and perseverance which students find essential in the 2017 classroom too (you need to have the three P’s too). They are never underrated.

Digital Literacy Certification Program – SPARK

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A new year has started and is well on its way. Many of us feel that it is time to step up and challenge ourselves with something new and to move ahead with what we would like to achieve.

Last year, we introduced the Digital Literacy Spark Certification program for the younger kids and the Digital Literacy IC3G5 industry certification for the teens. We successfully graduated many kids and teens since then, from Victoria, interstate and even students from China and Indonesia! It is important that students do not just learn how to flick an Ipad or become passive consumers of technology, without understanding what it is all about, but truly becoming Digitally Literate and actually understanding computers, technology and how things work.


Think computers, hardware, software, the operating systems, peripherals. Plus, learning about key computer applications and how to use them effectively for both school work and the future. In this day and age, with an array of social media tools, students should learn how to live online safely and use these tools to their advantage and protect themselves from online bullying. There is so much to understand and learn!

Digital literacy is the way to go for students who are internet savvy, for ICT leaders, for those who wish to improve their knowledge of computer hardware and software and to take those skills to a higher level, for the love of learning. Armed with a globally recognized certification, students can proudly add this to their credentials.

For primary aged students, don’t miss the chance to take on a one term program in Term 2, 2017 and work towards your Digital Literacy Certification (SPARK).


The Teen Digital Literacy program (Grades 7 and above) will be available very soon. Stay tuned.

New Year Thoughts

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Now that we will bid goodbye to 2016 in a matter of hours, a new year is coming right up too. Between Christmas and New Year, the time feels surreal and many of us start to reflect on the year that has gone by, while looking forward to the next.

As we reflect on 2016, there are many thoughts. What went on in our life in 2016? What events happened? Did the year happen as we planned it or did it move in a completely different direction? What were the wonderful things that happened to us, the events and the memories? What did not go well? What adversity and trials did we face? What are we looking forward to? What are we glad to move on from?

It is a good time to look back at what we have taken away with us through the experiences we had in 2016 and reflect on them. Hopefully we will learn something invaluable from these experiences.

Moving towards to 2017, what can we learn from this year that is about to end? What can we do better at next year? What will we stop doing? What are the changes we need to make? What are the things we will start doing that we did not do before?

Take the time to reflect on the year gone by and move ahead into the year new with the things we want to do and the things that really matter to us. It is important to know which direction we would like to take.

Have a wonderful new year!