Digital Literacy Certification Program – SPARK

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A new year has started and is well on its way. Many of us feel that it is time to step up and challenge ourselves with something new and to move ahead with what we would like to achieve.

Last year, we introduced the Digital Literacy Spark Certification program for the younger kids and the Digital Literacy IC3G5 industry certification for the teens. We successfully graduated many kids and teens since then, from Victoria, interstate and even students from China and Indonesia! It is important that students do not just learn how to flick an Ipad or become passive consumers of technology, without understanding what it is all about, but truly becoming Digitally Literate and actually understanding computers, technology and how things work.


Think computers, hardware, software, the operating systems, peripherals. Plus, learning about key computer applications and how to use them effectively for both school work and the future. In this day and age, with an array of social media tools, students should learn how to live online safely and use these tools to their advantage and protect themselves from online bullying. There is so much to understand and learn!

Digital literacy is the way to go for students who are internet savvy, for ICT leaders, for those who wish to improve their knowledge of computer hardware and software and to take those skills to a higher level, for the love of learning. Armed with a globally recognized certification, students can proudly add this to their credentials.

For primary aged students, don’t miss the chance to take on a one term program in Term 2, 2017 and work towards your Digital Literacy Certification (SPARK).


The Teen Digital Literacy program (Grades 7 and above) will be available very soon. Stay tuned.

New Year Thoughts

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Now that we will bid goodbye to 2016 in a matter of hours, a new year is coming right up too. Between Christmas and New Year, the time feels surreal and many of us start to reflect on the year that has gone by, while looking forward to the next.

As we reflect on 2016, there are many thoughts. What went on in our life in 2016? What events happened? Did the year happen as we planned it or did it move in a completely different direction? What were the wonderful things that happened to us, the events and the memories? What did not go well? What adversity and trials did we face? What are we looking forward to? What are we glad to move on from?

It is a good time to look back at what we have taken away with us through the experiences we had in 2016 and reflect on them. Hopefully we will learn something invaluable from these experiences.

Moving towards to 2017, what can we learn from this year that is about to end? What can we do better at next year? What will we stop doing? What are the changes we need to make? What are the things we will start doing that we did not do before?

Take the time to reflect on the year gone by and move ahead into the year new with the things we want to do and the things that really matter to us. It is important to know which direction we would like to take.

Have a wonderful new year!





Why Learn To Code

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Coding has been around for quite some time and in fact, it is such an important skill which will only serve as an advantage if one knows how to code. Yes, also to prepare for the jobs of the future, but other than that, there are quite a few things kids can learn from coding. Just take a look at the list.

  • Get out of one’s comfort zone and take on challenges
  • Learn a variety of programming languages
  • Improve the ability to focus
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Take on an iterative approach to problem solving
  • Be able to analyze errors and think of solutions
  • Enhance Digital Literacy skills
  • Build confidence and creativity
  • Prepare for secondary education and projects at school and higher learning
  • Get up-skilled for the future
  • Develop patience, resilience and strong leadership skills in managing technology
  • Create something that does something for someone – a small step to changing the world
  • Develop one’s Persistence, Patience and Perseverance (the 3 P’s of programming)
  • Build one’s teamwork skills
  • Remove the fear of failure and turn it into a learning process
  • Make logical attempts to solve a problem

At Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy, we do not fear failure. We fear not having tried our best. Journey with us at our 2017 Coding Academy and take on learning how to code and becoming Digitally Literate. Take a hold of technology and use it to help you succeed.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

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Another great year for Innovate Academy

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Another remarkable year has passed. We have taken on the World Championships with outstanding results, the Australian Nationals, held our own competitions, launched robotics certification programs, conducted Digital literacy programs, done STEM programs in Mauritius, concluded 4 seasons of tech camps, visited many schools and more.

Congratulations to all our students who have done the academy proud by doing their best all year and most importantly, displaying their academy core values within and outside the academy.

Thank you also to the parents who have continued to believe in our programs, our school principals and teachers and for our supporters who have encouraged and helped us along the way. We just could not have done any of this without you.

Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas. – Team Innovate

Innovate Academy conducts STEM workshops in Mauritius

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Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy is proud to have been invited by the Mauritius Government to conduct STEM workshops for kids and keynote presentations to the public.

Innovate Academy was invited to conduct keynotes on STEM education at the largest InfoTech show held in early December 2016. It was truly an enjoyable occasion to be able to bring our expertise on STEM subjects, robotics in the classroom and inspire the youth in Mauritius to explore and discover innovative solutions used in Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s programs in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you for the honour, MRC. We are grateful  for the wonderful opportunity to meet and train such fantastic students in Mauritius.

Team Robotic Boomerangs Takes on Australian Vex Nationals

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Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A (consisting of 3 members and of Vex IQ World Championships 2016) made a trip down to Wangaratta, Victoria where the Vex Robotics Nationals were held.

There were 28 teams participating and all were school teams except for our Team Robotic Boomerangs. The team did very well and rose up to the challenges of the day and ended off in 2nd position in an alliance match with two other schools which was truly incredible and a testament to the dedication and passion of Innovate Academy’s students.

To top off the sweet end, our boys bagged the Judges’ Award for their Engineering Diary, their ability to explain their robot design and capabilities plus their overall performance.

Judges Award is presented to a team that the Judges determine is deserving of special recognition.

Considering this is our first time sending a team towards the Vex Robotics Competition, this is an excellent result! Congratulations Team Robotic Boomerangs!


Innovate VEX IQ Challenge – Crossover

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On 17 October, Innovate Technology and Robotics Competitions held a VEX IQ Robotics Challenge with the latest game, Crossover.

Under a minute, teams had to play the Crossover game and take as many of the Hex balls over to the other side and stash it into the racks and eventually mount the bridge and balance it together with the other team’s robot, in an alliance format.

What a game it was as teams really played their best to get the Hex balls over to the other side and many of the teams managed to get the robots to balance on the bridge in the teamwork challenge.

So proud of our students for taking on the Tournament Champion Award and Robot Skills Award. More importantly, the students who displayed graciousness and core values despite the results have done themselves and everyone proud.

It is great to win but the gracious and kind behaviour demonstrated by the teams who participated is the best and sweetest victory. #neverforgetyourcorevalues #graciousness #kindness. That is truly robotics at its best.

Congratulations everyone!

National Science Week 2016

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National Science Week 2016 – A celebration of Droids, Drones and Robots!

What a fantastic week we all had visiting schools and presenting keynotes on Robots, Droids and Drones, plus engaging high school students in the area of coding. We brought along our robot friends to the schools.

It was fun getting students to dance with the humanoids, together with their synchronized dance moves, making everyone laugh – that is what STEM subjects should be. That is what we would like learning to be.

In the meantime, the robots are tired and taking a well deserved rest while the other robots get ready for the upcoming Innovate National Science Week Challenge Vex Robotics competition this Saturday, 20 August 2016 at Forest Hill College. We can’t wait!

STEM Education at Robotics Academy

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Term 2 Robotics Academy programs came to an end last week and we are finishing up our school robotics programs this week. What can we say except that it has been such a fantastic term, more than the photos can tell!

Our students did Australia proud by emerging 3rd position in the World Championships, our school and public academy programs delved into many aspects of STEM, including coding, robotics, 3D printing. Students attained their Level 1 Robotics Certification, the Mid Year Robotics Competition was a great success and teacher PDs have been ongoing.

There is much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. Thank you to our students, our supportive parents and all those who have believed in our academy programs.

We will not give up on innovation and inspiring our youth to become technology leaders in their own right. Thank you for another great term! ‪#‎loveinnovation‬ ‪#‎STEM‬ ‪#‎STEAM‬ ‪#‎thebestisyettocome‬

Mid Year Vex IQ Robotics Competition

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The Mid Year Vex IQ Robotics Competition was held at Kambrya College on 16 May 2016 and what a huge success it was!

Teams from Kambrya College, Mount View Primary School and students from various other schools who are current students of Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy gathered together for the fantastic final run of the Bankshot game.

Students got very excited during the game when robots had to empty as many cutouts as possible, throw as many balls into the scoring zone and park up the ramp. The day started with every team participating in the Robot Skills Challenge and then the Teamwork Challenge.

Congratulations to our Robot Skills Champions from Innovate Tech Academy. Congratulations also to the Tournament Champions who are from Kambrya College and Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy. Our CAD Champion is Jared H! We are so happy for all the winners and more importantly every participating team – Well Done!

Nothing beats seeing teams come together and working together to achieve great things. That is the beauty of STEM education – while sharpening the engineering skills, the soft skills are sharpened for the future.

We wish all the students who participated our very best wishes for the future. Looking forward to more such events. Seriously. 🙂