The Benefits of a Robotics Education

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In a snippet, we explain why we think a robotics education rocks! Robotics is a very specialized field of study which encompasses a lot of learning with hands on activities. It is fun, engaging, complex and tests our patience to its limits, all in one breath. It makes us learn how to communicate and collaborate with others, builds our problem-solving … Read More

The Four C’s of Education

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According to ISTE, the four C’s of education are Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. This is 2017 learning, where students will not just be passive consumers of technology but actually understand why and how things work and how to make effective use of technology and enhance one’s learning. These four C’s are more apparent in the academy than mentioned. … Read More

Innovate Academy conducts STEM workshops in Mauritius

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Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy is proud to have been invited by the Mauritius Government to conduct STEM workshops for kids and keynote presentations to the public. Innovate Academy was invited to conduct keynotes on STEM education at the largest InfoTech show held in early December 2016. It was truly an enjoyable occasion to be able to bring our expertise … Read More

Team Robotic Boomerangs Takes on Australian Vex Nationals

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Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A (consisting of 3 members and of Vex IQ World Championships 2016) made a trip down to Wangaratta, Victoria where the Vex Robotics Nationals were held. There were 28 teams participating and all were school teams except for our Team Robotic Boomerangs. The team did very well and rose up to the … Read More

Innovate VEX IQ Challenge – Crossover

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On 17 October, Innovate Technology and Robotics Competitions held a VEX IQ Robotics Challenge with the latest game, Crossover. Under a minute, teams had to play the Crossover game and take as many of the Hex balls over to the other side and stash it into the racks and eventually mount the bridge and balance it together with the other … Read More

STEM Education at Robotics Academy

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Term 2 Robotics Academy programs came to an end last week and we are finishing up our school robotics programs this week. What can we say except that it has been such a fantastic term, more than the photos can tell! Our students did Australia proud by emerging 3rd position in the World Championships, our school and public academy programs … Read More

Mid Year Vex IQ Robotics Competition

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The Mid Year Vex IQ Robotics Competition was held at Kambrya College on 16 May 2016 and what a huge success it was! Teams from Kambrya College, Mount View Primary School and students from various other schools who are current students of Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy gathered together for the fantastic final run of the Bankshot game. Students got … Read More

A New Robotics Academy

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As of December 2015, Robotics Club Australia embraces a new era. Robotics Club Australia is now known as Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy. Why the change, you may ask. That’s because we have outgrown beingĀ  a “club” over the years and are progressing into certifications and serious robotics competitions. We are excited about what 2016 will bring. We have new … Read More