Junior Engineering and Technology Academy

Age range: Prep to Grade 2

Prerequisite: Suitable for students who are able to attend the class independently with a good attitude in the classroom.

The Junior Engineering and Technology Academy is an integrated STEM academy for younger students from Prep to Grade 2, to develop their interests in simple machines, mechanisms and how things work. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths are the focus subjects in the Junior Engineering and Technology Academy. Students will learn Robotics, Coding, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture and Design through the year with Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s wide array of STEM resources and curriculum for Prep to Grade 2s. Junior students will be taught by  experienced instructors who have conducted various technology and robotics programs for Australian schools and who have robotics and technology experience from teaching at prestigious schools in Singapore.

Junior students can start their learning with the Junior Engineering and Technology Academy and understand the fundamentals of robotics, coding, electronics and technology before progressing to the technology and robotics programs for middle school students and following the academic pathway for robotics by taking certification exams and participating in robotics competitions when they are older. The Junior Engineering and Technology Academy is a great place to give younger students a head start in STEM subjects and develop their confidence in robotics, coding and handling various types of technology in a safe and fun place.

“The only way to embrace a world which is rapidly changing is to keep on learning new things.”

Junior Fundamentals:

  • The basics of robotics and coding
  • Engineering concepts (using planks and 3D STEM blocks)
  • Junior Robotics with Gears, Pulleys, Belts, Levers
  • Exploring simple machines and clever contraptions
  • Architecture and Design
  • Developing logical thinking with Drag and Drop programming using Scratch / various apps
  • Developing a good introduction to computer science basics in preparation for coding programs at school or for higher learning programs at Innovate
  • Modular robotics (understanding how robots work)
  • Electronics – how circuits work (projects with littleBits, Snap Circuits)
  • Junior robotics with the Ozobot (visual coding, coding on tablets and Ozoblockly)

Junior Engineering and Technology Academy Details Term 2, 2018:

9 week program each term

Start date: Tuesday, 17 April 2018 |  End date: Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Session Time: 4.30pm – 5.45pm weekly

Venue: Forest Hill College,  178 – 180 Mahoneys Road , Burwood East, VIC

Cost: $260 per student, per term

Term Dates for 2018:

Term 1 (9 weeks) – Tuesday 30 January 2018 to Tuesday 27 March 2018

Term 2 (9 weeks) – Tuesday 17 April 2018 to Tuesday 19 June 2018

Term 3 (9 weeks) – Tuesday 17 July 2018 to Tuesday 11 September 2018

Term 4 (9 weeks) – Tuesday 9 October 2018 to Tuesday 4 December 2018

Junior Engineering and Technology Academy Program Renewals
  • Bookings/ Renewals for every term can be done on this page.
  • Fees can be paid anytime during the current term for the next term before the due date.


Students are expected to attend every session as there are no make-up sessions available. Make-up sessions are only provided in the event a class falls on a public holiday.

Please refer to the Academy Calendar for make-up sessions and public holidays.

To maximize a student’s learning and to learn all the topics above, it is recommended that students remain in the academy for a year, however, students also have the flexibility to exit the program after a term. There are NO TRIAL CLASSES available.

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