Associate Trainers

Associate Trainer – Yixuan

Yixuan, Associate Trainer with Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and Innovate Tech Camps, has a  Masters of Mechatronics Engineering from The University of Melbourne. While having a wide range of interest in general science and technology, Yixuan has been trained and specially focused on robotics related projects throughout his 5-year study as an engineering student. Yixuan has lead, engaged and participated in a variety of mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and software projects such as “Mind-controlled, Serial chess-playing robot”, “Automatic air-hockey robot”, “Neuro-prosthetic hand via EMG”, “Melbourne Nano-satellite program”, “Gameboy console” and more.

Through his training in the university, he has gained a comprehensive skill set in general robotics, automation design and development ranging from hardware, control, electronics and software. While having fulfilled his dream of being a graduate engineer, he also deeply enjoys being an educator and sharing his experience and knowledge to the youth who are also enthusiastic and interested in  mechatronics. He enjoys having conversations with young students especially when he feels their eagerness to explore this awesome field of study.

Associate Trainer -Johnny

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Associate Trainer – Reema

Reema completed her Bachelor of Computer Applications in 2010 and worked her way up in the computer software world. She has a Masters of Computer Applications and is competent in software development languages. Passionate about learning, Reema is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from Holmes College, Melbourne.  She has done projects in languages such as, and Java. Reema has done a six-month internship on a live project in from Lovely Infotech and has also been teaching basic computer softwares with Office suite, C, C++ and Java for many years.

Reena has also developed more than 15 websites using technologies such as Microsoft Framework and Word Press for small businesses. She is currently working on an android based mobile application development.   Reema loves teaching students about technologies and believes the communication is the key to an effective STEM classroom.

Associate Trainer- Raymond

Raymond is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mechatronic Systems from  The University of Melbourne. Raymond has vast experience in robotics with the Lego Mindstorms system and has participated in FIRST competitions such as the First Lego League (FLL) Challenges (Energy Crisis and Body Forward). Raymond took his robotics experiences to an international level having participated in the World Robot Olympiad in Malaysia, in 2012 and won 1st place.

Raymond understands the coaching and preparation  required for robotics competitions and shares his experiences with the students he coaches.

Associate Trainer- Ian

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