Innovate Technology & Robotics Academy

Australia’s #1 Technology & Robotics Programs for Kids & Teens

Offering the broadest (Prep to 12 Program)

  • Junior Engineering Academy

    Prep to Grade 2
  • LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Academy

    Grades 3 to 6
  • Robot IQ Robotics Academy

    Grades 4 to 6

  • Robotic Systems Academy

    Grades 3 to 6
  • Advanced Systems Robotics Academy

    Grades 7 to 12
  • Coding & apps Development Academy

    Grades 5 to 8
  • Game Design & Development Academy

    Grades 5 to 8
“Not every child has to become a robotic engineer when they do robotics. What they learn is critical thinking, problem solving and a great amount of teamwork – skills which are essential and prepare them for the working world and life.”

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy provides technology, coding and robotics education and training programs for kids and teens. Innovate is an award winning robotics academy in Melbourne, Australia. At Innovate, students will learn robotics, technology, leadership skills and a wholesome STEM education in a fun, engaging and highly interactive environment together with like minded peers. Students do not need any prior experience in robotics to be a part of our academy programs. Be a part of Australia’s young generation of innovators.

Students will learn about the big world of robotics, technology and other scientific concepts. They will explore how things work, question how and why those things work and apply the same concept of critical thinking and problem solving to the very tools they are required to work with. Students will get to build and program robots according to a specific curriculum provided by Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy.

Students also learn about robotics in the real world and find a solution pathway to solve engineering challenges.

So what do I need to be part of Innovate Robotics Academy?

A good attitude to learning and problem solving is required and this will help you greatly as you adapt to the various problem solving scenarios. If you have an interest to learn and want to do well, join Innovate and be part of Australia’s award winning robotics academy!

  • Enhance creative thinking skills

    Students learn how to solve problems withe their creativity and imagination.

  • Develop good presentation skills

    Students will develop their presentation skills by making presentations on their work in front of their peers.

  • Be at the forefront to receive an education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

    Students will prepare themselves for their work life and the jobs of today and the future with skills that make them adaptable to a changing world.

  • Be a leader in embracing technology in an ever changing world

    Students will be comfortable with adapting to new technology and change.

  • Learn programming skills

    Students will learn programming skills and understand how programming controls their robots. They will understand the logic behind programming.

  • Develop critical thinking

    Students will develop their critical thinking skills over time and learn how to apply a solution pathway approach to solving problems.

  • Discover real life engineering challenges and develop creative solutions to solve them

    Students will be presented with real life engineering challenges and challenge themselves to think of solutions to solve these problems. Students will develop their confidence with putting their ideas into action.

  • Work as a TEAM

    Working as a team is essential in the school and adult years and through the programs, students will recognize the value of working with others to achieve their goals and develop their ability to work with a range of different personalities.

  • Develop a curious mind

    Students become more determined to find out how things work, what problems the world has and how to solve them. They will develop an eagerness to learn and discover.

  • Be used to a changing environment and innovate accordingly

    With a dynamic and changing technology environment, students will become adaptable to new technology and become comfortable with the changes each new technology brings. Students will understand that change is part of the world we live in and find new ways to tackle issues and problems with a positive attitude.

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