Digital Literacy Program (SPARK) Term 1, 2018 Class Fees



The Digital Literacy Certification program (IC3 SPARK)

Grades 3 to 6

Prerequisites: Suitable for students who have a keen interest in technology and learning more about digital literacy. No prior experience required. Good behaviour in the classroom is expected.

In this age of all things digital, it is great to create a pathway for your success in this area by doing the Digital Technology Literacy Program (IC3 SPARK).

Computers are used for many things from careers to different fields of study. The Digital Technology Literacy Program will provide students with the knowledge  required to succeed in the world of the internet and computers and the future industry – relevant skills of today.

To set yourself apart from the rest, you can obtain the Digital Technology Literacy Certification (IC3 SPARK) as a credential on your resume in preparation for your future. The Digital Technology Literacy certification you can achieve is an internationally recognized certification which recognizes the relevant skills you need to have in today’s environment.

Benefits of the Digital Technology Literacy Program:

  • Validate your digital literacy skills, which are required for many careers.
  • Obtaining a certification which is globally recognized at the standard for digital literacy.
  • A demonstration of your qualification in emerging field.
  • Understand how computers and the internet work.
  • Develop a solid understanding of digital concepts.

The Digital Literacy Certification program (IC3 SPARK) consists of the following:

Computing Fundamentals

The Computing Fundamentals covers the basic understanding of computers from hardware to software, operating systems, peripherals and troubleshooting to help young students gain an understanding of computers and how to get the most value out of them.

 Key Applications

The Key Applications module covers spreadsheets, presentation applications, word processing and common features of all applications which help you work well, learn more quickly and present yourself more effectively.

 Living Online

The Living online module covers skills for working in an Internet or networked environment and making the best of your communication, education, collaborations and social interactions in a safe way, legally with ethics.

Digital Literacy Program (SPARK) Details Term 4, 2017

Start date: Tuesday , 10 October 2017

End date: Tuesday, 5 December 2017 (End of Course)

Exam date: Tuesday, 28 November  2017 (between 4.30pm and 6.00pm

Session Time: 4.30pm to 6.00pm (Tuesdays)

Venue: Forest Hill College , Burwood East (Enter via Hawthorn Road, Burwood East)

Cost: $390 (Full course and exam fee included, per student)


Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy conducts mandatory professional development courses for our instructors, hence the last week of every term is dedicated to that. No sessions for students will be held on the last week of every term. Please refer to the Academy Calendar for make up lessons and session changes.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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