The Young Inventor school holiday  program is for primary school students in Grades 3 to 6 in Melbourne, Australia which aims at getting students to embrace a robotics, coding and technology education to prepare for a rapidly advancing world. Students are provided with electronics and robotics tools which don’t just serve as tools but are there to engage, educate and inspire. Students are often very encouraged when they discover their own creativity and the Young Inventor series is designed to encourage them to code and build robots and other electronic tools and try their hand at creative engineering solutions to given missions. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is the education of now and the future.



Course Description: Innovate Aerial Robotics (Robotics)

Prerequisite: No prior programming knowledge required. Good attitude to learning. Please see NOTE below.

Grades 3 to 6 | Date: 2 July  2018, Monday| Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm (1 day program) | Forest Hill College, Burwood East | Cost: $180

For enthusiasts of drones, UAV’s and aerial robotics, Innovate’s Aerial Robotics is for you! Drones are getting very popular in today’s technology filled world and have changed the way many things such as photography, deliveries and other jobs are done.

In this aerial robotics drone workshop for kids in Melbourne, students will get to learn about drones and work on programming their mini drones, to be able to fly through some mini drone challenges.

A module that teaches students about drones and how they work, safety rules, flying responsibly, how they are made etc. Students will learn how to code the drones to fly, flip, land and more. They will take on the specific drone challenges set out for them and see if their drone gets through the challenges. Hands on Science and Maths!

Some outdoor experience will include viewing the flight of the Dji Pro and Dji Spark (within limits and guidelines) during the course of the module. Added indoor experience includes a drone flight simulator for students to attain hands on real life drone simulation experiences. This module is great for students who love and respect technology and who value learning about how drones work and drone technology in general.

NOTE: This module is not just for flying drones all through the course but for serious learners who are keen to understand and explore drones. Some essential theory about aerial robotics involved. No prior experience required. Strictly limited places per season.

  • Students will learn:

    • An introduction to drones
    • Drone materials and safety requirements
    • Flight safety
    • Introduction to coding the drones
    • Flight controls
    • Programming flight paths through obstacles
    • Scientific concepts such as aerodynamics and gravity
    • Computational skills in basic coding for autonomous flight
  • Software & Hardware Skills Development

    • Coding
    • Programming and flight control
    • Logical program flow
    • Tests through drone flight paths

Course Description: RoboSENSEsation(Robotics)

Prerequisite: No prior experience needed in robotics. A good attitude towards learning is essential.

Grades 3 to 6 | Date: 3 July 2018, Tuesday | Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm (1 day program) | Forest Hill College, Burwood East, Vic |  Cost: $180 (Early Bird Offer: $160. Limited time only. Discount reflected at the checkout.)

A robotics module for students who are keen on exploring robots and what they can do. This popular module has reached many students across Melbourne and even interstate students and engaged them into the world of robotics.

Through this module, students will explore the various sensors and engage in building and programming several different and interesting robotics models which are unique (think a Woodpecker, a spider and more!) using a Studuino board. And yes,  there are heaps of bricks used to make the models!

RoboSENSEsation is for the robotics enthusiast with or without experience who loves robots and technology and is ready to be challenged to explore!

  • Students will learn:

    • Robots and how they work in their given environments
    • The different sensors and what they are used for in robotics
    • How to put together 3D blocks by following the model instructions
    • The Studuino board and how to use it.
    • Programming and giving commands to their robot using drag and drop programming software
    • Programming logic
  • Software & Hardware Skills Development

    • Coding with the drag and drop software
    • Program flow
    • Hands on building and discovery

Course Description: Innovate Augmented Reality (Technology)

Prerequisite: No prior experience needed. Good attitude to learning.

Grades 3 to 6 | Date: 4 July 2018, Wednesday| Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm (1 day program) | Forest Hill College, Burwood East, Vic |  Cost: $180 (Early Bird Offer: $160. Limited time only. Discount reflected at the checkout.)

Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly changing our world and merging both our physical and virtual experiences and environments. Used in gaming, design, marketing, navigation and more, AR makes everything just that little bit more special. Augmented reality adds a digital layer over the real world environment there and then.

AR technology allows for virtual objects to be placed in the real world in real time which enhances our information about the world we are in. Students will use AR in the classroom to create their own special digital layers and enhance their digital experiences in this Augmented Reality holiday program. Students learn about, understand and use world class innovative software to understand AR and create interactive content. A very hands on and interactive holiday program for kids who just love creating and learning about advanced technologies.

Strictly limited places available for this session.

  • Students will learn:

    • Background of Augmented Reality
    • How to add a digital layer over the real world
    • Adding digital enhancements over the real world
    • How to create their own digital enhancements
  • Software & Hardware Skills Development

    • Using software to design AR creations
    • Technology discovery
    • Hands on learning

Course Description:

3D Design and Printing – Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing (New Design Module!)

Prerequisite: No prior experience needed. Good attitude to learning.

Grades 3 to 6 | Date: 5 & 6 July 2018, Thursday and Friday| Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm (2 day program) | Forest Hill College, Burwood East, Vic |  Cost: $350 (includes material fee)

A premium two in one course for the middle school student which focuses on Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is part of our world and continues to fascinate people . Students will learn the concepts behind 3D printing and understand how 3D printing works. Yes, from the time the design is created and when it goes to print using design software.

Students will be able to learn about the design to print process during the session. They will understand how 3D printing continues to evolve from design to print and how 3D printing impacts technology and our world – the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing, which gets them thinking. 

Subtractive Manufacturing

Students will venture into Subtractive Manufacturing which involves design and manufacturing! Subtractive manufacturing is a process by which 3D objects are constructed by successively cutting material away from a solid block of material.

Subtractive manufacturing can be done by manually cutting the material but is most typically done with a CNC Machine.

One of the advantages of subtractive manufacturing is the variety of materials that can be used, from wood and metal to plastics and acrylics to plasma. (Finer applications such as laser engravers work with an even wider array of materials.) CNC is widely used in manufacturing, and can be found in most facilities.

In this course, students will explore, understand and then move into creating and then printing their own designs using the CNC Machine. This is a course most suited for students who love and want to explore engineering and manufacturing.

Students will take home a 3D printed object which they have created and a carved masterpiece of their own.

Students are encouraged to bring a camera to film their project or a USB to save their projects.

Strictly limited places available for this session.

  • Students will learn:

    • Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
    • Introduction to 3D design and print (Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing)
    • How 3D printing and CNC Milling is used
    • Learn the process of 3D printing and CNC Milling and how they  evolve from design to print
    • How to design a 3D model / CNC model and bring it to print / carve
    • Advantages and disadvantages of Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
  • Software & Hardware Skills Development

    • Learn to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software

What Will Students Take Home?

  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Students in robotics camps ONLY can take home video files of the week’s robot challenges, detailing how well their team’s robots accomplished goals such as moving/pushing objects or navigating obstacle courses. (Students will have to bring their own cameras)


STEM & 21st Century Skills Development


Sample Day

Learning and having fun

8.45am-9.00am: Check-in. All students meet for morning announcements, ice breakers, and team-building activities.

9:30am: Students will gather in their respective course groups. Get started!

Breaks are taken at the discretion of each instructor.

12.00pm: Lunch time & Play

12.50 pm: Students will gather back in their respective course groups. Back to creating and learning!

3:00pm: Home Sweet Home

We have class sizes up to a maximum of 12 students per instructor. At INNOVATE TECH CAMPS, we want each student to develop their passion in technology and their leadership skills. Our instructors are passionate about technology and bringing out the best in our students.


Augmented Reality (New AR module!)


4 July 2018, Wednesday

  • 1 Day Program

  • Learn all about Augmented Reality

  • Students design their own Augmented Reality project using AR design software

  • 9 am to 3 pm




You will need to bring morning tea, lunch, some snacks and a drink bottle. You will also need to bring along your action plans (if any).