Subtractive Manufacturing for Students

Subtractive Manufacturing for Students

At Innovate Tech Camps Australia, we have been running many 3D design and printing holiday workshops for kids and teens over 3 years. This year, we are pleased to introduce our students to a new module which is Subtractive Manufacturing.

Students will venture into Subtractive Manufacturing which involves design and manufacturing! Subtractive manufacturing is a process by which 3D objects are constructed by successively cutting material away from a solid block of material. Yes, design and carve your own project.

Subtractive manufacturing can be done by manually cutting the material but is most typically done with a CNC Machine.

One of the advantages of subtractive manufacturing is the variety of materials that can be used, from wood and metal to plastics and acrylics to plasma. (Finer applications such as laser engravers work with an even wider array of materials.) CNC is widely used in manufacturing, and can be found in most facilities.

We are excited to launch this brand new, innovative module into our STEAM classrooms and have students designing and making their own projects.

3D Printing Workshop for Teens -Summer 2015

At Tech Summer School, teens will get a chance to learn about the world of creative 3D printing. They will learn how 3D printed objects are made and how it all works. Plus, they will get a chance to design models and attractive pieces of art.

3D printing is a revolution and will bring out the maker in your teen.

Last few seats available! Sign up before you miss out below!

Teen Innovator Tech Summer School 2015


Ahh…Cubelets, are a great introduction for kids into robotics. Kids get to create out of Cubelets and the best part is how simple and yet reactive Cubelets are.

The young ones get to create and innovate out of each cube as they are each a robot and when put together forms a bigger one. Cubelets introduce kids to robotics without the programming. Play with different sensors and motors and experience both fun and innovation

How cool is that?

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