Young Inventor and Young Explorer Holiday Camps 2014

The Young Inventor and Young Explorer programs concluded this week with a blast!

The Young Explorers got to use Space kits, the Littlebits, Cubelets and MaKey- MaKey to create various projects. The one day program had kids exploring and creating from the beginning. They learnt how circuits are made and even dabbled with the fun Cubelets. The program gave the young students from Grades 1 to 4 a taste of electronics and modular robotics which proved to be very engaging and interactive!

Young Inventors got up to much, tackling Nature's Fury Challenge with their EV3 robots, with discussions about various storms and natural disasters! The Vex IQ Add It Up Camp had the Young Inventors challenged at first with some of its mechanical parts, however, all of them overcame those building challenges to have completed robots, all ready to program and drive! Students gave these camps the thumbs up during their reflections. We will post their feedback and testimonials up

Robotics Club even got busy at the Melbourne Zoo earlier this week with an array of Vex IQ and EV3 robots for the students who are part of the "Youth at the Zoo" program. Students at Melbourne Zoo got up to creating an animal themed robot! It was interesting to see them create in a short time frame – well done!

Next week brings the Teen Innovators Vex Robotics Camp and we are looking forward to that!


Winter Tech Camps 2014

Our winter tech camps have come to and end but hey, there is Spring 2014 camps to look forward to! We have met over 90 kids in 1.5 weeks with some of the tools from our warehouse out in full force.

From Vex IQ Add It Up challenges, EV3 Nature's Fury, Vex Robotics Teen Highrise Challenge to exploring with circuits, electronics, modular robotics and Lego WeDo, we have been busy but very happy.

That ends winter but get ready  for Spring Tech Camps 2014 because they are out and registrations have already begun to come through for the Young Explorer camp with new modules added.

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