Innovate Online Academy

Age range: Grades 3 and above.

Prerequites: Suitable for students who have a keen interest in computer science. No prior experience is required. Good core values in the classroom is expected.


Innovate Online Coding Academy is an after school coding academy for kids and teens in Australia, New Zealand and across the world who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in computer science. The Online Coding Academy is an extension of the Innovate Program which has the primary focus on getting students to code, learn, upskill and challenge themselves.

Coding is an important skill to prepare students for the jobs which already exist and the jobs to be. Many more jobs are coming up which require good knowledge of coding and a computer science background. Through coding, students will learn about logic, computational thinking,  improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. What’s more, they get to build on their soft skills such as resilience, communication and learning to work with others successfully while working on their challenges. They will develop an understanding of how the web works and create working websites. 

By learning how to code, students will enhance their digital literacy skills, improve their ability to focus on the tasks at hand and learn how to use the computer productively to their advantage. They will have a better understanding of how programs work and the enjoyment that comes with thinking through things and creating something that works.

Benefits of learning how to code:

  • Learn a variety of programming languages such as Block Coding, Javascript, through learning Game Design and Development throughout the year
  • Improve the ability to focus
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Take on an iterative approach to problem solving
  • Enhance Digital Literacy skills
  • Build confidence and creativity
  • Prepare for secondary education and projects at school and higher learning
  • Prepare for the jobs of the future in a rapidly advancing technological world
  • Develop patience, resilience and strong leadership skills in managing and advancing in technology

Coding Academy Term 3, 2020 (Game Design & Development) Fridays, 6.00pm

9 week program each term

Start date: Friday, 17 April 2020

End date: Friday, 12 June 2020

Session Time: 6.00pm to 7.30pm (Fridays)

Cost: $300 per term, per student (includes Minecraft education license for use in the duration of the course.)

Term Dates for 2020:

Term 3 (9 weeks) – Friday 17 July 2020 to Friday 11 September 2020

Term 4 (9 weeks) – Friday 9 October 2020 to Friday 4 December 2020

Program Key Terms for Enrollments & Renewals

  • Bookings /Renewals for every term can be done on this page.
  • Fees can be paid anytime during the current term for the next term before the due date.
  • Fees must be paid in full before a student can enter the program every term.
  • There are no make up classes for this program if a student does not come for class. Public holidays are made up with either an extra lesson or session hours added on which will be decided by Innovate Academy.
  • Student must have access to their own laptop and internet connection for this course. No IPads should be used for online courses.


Please refer to notices from Innovate Academy for make up lessons and session changes during the term, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions apply.