Innovate Technology and Robotics Competitions 2017

Robo-SENSE-sation Challenge – Experience Competitive Robotics!

The Innovate Robotics Competition of 2017 is coming up in November 2017 – The Robo-SENSE-sation Challenge (For Year 3 to Year 8 students)
Would you like a robotics challenge? Have you always wanted to participate in a robotics competition to experience the fun, teamwork and rising to the occasion to problem solve? If you think you would make a great member of a team with your good manners and great core values, we invite you to participate in this robotics competition. Be part of the Innovate Robotics Competition 2017 league!
Prizes to be won and much to learn and experience! Have fun with robots!
Experience competitive robotics and take your understanding and robotics education to a higher level.

  • 1) Who can participate?

    Any student from Innovate Academy programs can participate (robotics or coding academy students inclusive). Non-academy students may participate too, so a friend can sign up too and form a team!

  • 2) What system will you be using?

    This is a great robotics system we use in our holiday programs which has been well received for more than 2 years now and is Arduino based and used internationally too. Students will be taught the system in training and preparation before applying their knowledge and creativity to participate in this competition

  • 3) Any pre-requisites?

    You don’t need any prior knowledge of robotics to participate. You should of a teachable character and be willing to work with others and display good core values all through the preparation and competition – that would help everyone involved!

Experience Competitive ROBOTICS

Workshop and Competition Location:

Forest Hill College, Burwood East (Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy Training Centre)

Workshop and training dates and times:

21 October 2017, Saturday, 9.00am to 3.00pm28 October 2017, Saturday, 9.00am to 3.00pm

Competition day:

4 November 2017, Sunday (8.00am to 1.30pm – please allow an hour extra in case of an overrun)

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(inclusive of training sessions and competition fees – online payment rate includes $10 admin fee already included.)
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