Last Saturday, 12 August 2017, Innovate’s Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A went to Doreen for the Season Opener of the Vex Robotics Competition “In the Zone” season 2017 – 2018.

Our team had a great time, though it was a last minute dash to get everything ready but yes we did and yes we truly had fun! Watching other teams play and the interesting robots each team had, made it all the more eventful as our team played the best we could.

We learnt so much  during the Season Opener and each team mate had a nice drive up to Doreen, bright and early to start the day. Love our dedicated team members.

It was a challenging day but all in all, we put in our best and emerged Tournament Champions in alliance with 2 other school teams. More importantly, all students had a great day and now we have to keep working through the “In the Zone” season.

Congratulations to Robotic Boomerangs! Let’s move onwards to keep this season going well!