So why learn robotics?

Robotics can be very dynamic to the point of being imtimidating. However, robotics helps the young people of today develop skills which are essential for life.

Skills such as critical thinking, decicion making, public speaking, being able to work in a team and creative thinking are important for a student's life in the present and the future. Robotics is not just about building and programming robots but designing, programming, modifying and getting the the root of problems and overcoming challenges.

It builds the resilience of our youth and gets them acquainted with real life engineering challenges and allows them the freedom of looking into creative solutions for these issues.

Other than finding out solutions to issues, the robotics environment is created for students to have opportunities to work with like-minded peers and develop their social skills in a safe environment.

Best of all, robotics provides a wholesome STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education for students which helps them prepare of the working world at a younger age which includes all the crazy ideas and a whole load of fun!

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