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Empowering kids and teens from Grade 1 to Grade 10 with an innovative mindset and skills for their future.



Innovate Tech Camps® is our premium tech camp brand which provides highly engaging and hands-on holiday activity experiences in futuristic technologies. Students gain academic and life skills training in preparation for school through our technology driven programs such as robotics, coding, digital literacy, aerial robotics, 3D printing, game and app development and even augmented reality and more.

Students will come to understand their core values and work with others through these programs which aims to challenge them to do even more. They will explore many types of technology and robotics, learn how to problem solve, work with others, communicate effectively and openly,  think critically and be technologically competent in this dynamic world.

Students at our tech camps form firm friendships with their peers and develop their social skills. More importantly, Innovate Tech Camps kids and teens always come with a positive attitude, all ready to explore and learn.

Innovate Tech Camps is the all-rounded tech camp for kids and teens to develop their skills in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

Why join Innovate Tech Camps® Australia?

  • Proven track record of 29 seasons delivering quality programs for kids and teens.

  • Meet like minded peers who come from all over Australia and even overseas for a tech camp – you never know who you are going to meet!
  • Be coached by instructors who have experience teaching STEM in Australian schools, experts in robotics, coding and more and who personally coach students who have robotics competition track records (World and Australian competitions).
  • Be part of the league of innovative students together with others.
  • Develop your love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.
  • Get an enriching learning experience.
  • Embrace futuristic technologies with an open mind and a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

The best tools, experienced instructors, new modules, curriculum, online learning and futuristic technologies. Promoting robotics, coding, digital literacy, app and game development, 3D printing, design, aerial robotics,  augmented reality, additive and subtractive manufacturing and more.

Innovate Tech Camps® is a registered trademark of Innovate Ahead Group Pty Ltd.



21 September – 2 October 2020


GRADE 3 to 6

The Young Inventor school holiday program is for primary school students in Grades 3 to 6 in Melbourne, Australia which aims at getting students to embrace a robotics, coding and technology education to prepare for a rapidly advancing world.
Students are provided with electronics and robotics tools which don’t just serve as tools but are there to engage, educate and inspire.
Students are often very encouraged when they discover their own creativity and the Young Inventor series is designed to encourage them to code and build robots and other electronic tools and try their hand at creative engineering solutions to given missions. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is the education of now and the future.


GRADE 7 to 10

The Teen Innovator Programs are designed with the teen in mind. The Teen Inventor Program infuses leadership and good core values together with advanced technology, coding, robotics, artificial intelligence and creating.
The programs enable teens to learn more about themselves and discover their talents while learning about advanced technologies. This series was created to emphasize innovation and its importance in the education of today.
Teens will learn the value of resilience, other good values and how to problem solve, which will bring out the leader in them as they prepare for their future careers.