Innovate Autumn Tech School March 2020 – YOUNG EXPLORERS – Explore Robotics with BBC:Microbit on 30 March 2020


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Course Description: Explore Robotics with BBC:Microbit

Path: Technology and Computer Science (STEM Specialist Module)
Prerequisite: No prior experience needed but student should be open to learning various types of technology as this is a specialist course and able to attend independently.

Juniors will venture into micro:bit in this summer module. They will use drag and drop coding to work on the micro:bit.
They will be introduced to the possibilities and capabilities of the micro:bit. With smaller, fun projects especially designed for junior students, they will be able to explore the micro:bit.
What is the micro:bit? It is a small, programmable computer which you can hold in your hands. It may be small but it has fantastic capabilities such as buttons, sensors and a screen. The micro:bit is hardly a limited module as it can be used for all kinds of creations and there are no limits as to what you can create with the micro:bit. The micro:bit can be used to create many things and juniors can look forward to learning something new and something fun in this brand new module.