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Terms & Conditions (Innovate Tech Camps Programs)

Terms and Conditions – Holiday Programs.

 Innovate Tech Camps Policies for School Holiday Camps and programs

1) Registrations: Registrations must be completed in full, online, before a student is allowed to attend the camp. No registrations will be accepted at the door.

2) Doors open: Doors will only open at 8.45am onwards for parents to sign your child in. Please do not drop your child off at the training premises earlier or leave them unattended.

3) Sign In / Out Procedures:
Innovate Tech Camp requires that all Camp attendees are properly signed in by an adult. This helps ensure the safety of your child. We require children to be signed out by an authorized adult at all camps.

It is our responsibility to ensure that your child leaves with the appropriate person each day. We seek for your kind co-operation if we ask for proper identification.

All registration forms must be filled in online prior to attending the camp.

4) Punctuality: Students are expected to be punctual for holiday camps. This is to ensure minimal disruptions when the program has started. Camp attendees are dismissed at 3.00pm daily. We seek your kind understanding to be punctual when picking up your child as our instructors are unable to attend to your child once the program is over due to having to lock up the premises after a tech camp.

PLEASE NOTE: Late pick ups will incur a charge of $1 per minute.

5) Care of equipment:  All enquipment are the property of Innovate Tech Camps Australia. Camp attendees are required to adhere to the rules of Innovate Tech Camps when it comes to handling equipment. All equipment must be handled with care. Should an attendee damage any form of equipment, the said attendee’s parent is liable to compensate Innovate Tech Camps, the full retail price of the damaged equipment.

6) Zero tolerance for disruptive behaviour, bullying and compromising the enjoyment of others: Innovate Tech Camps has a zero tolerance policy for any form of bullying or engaging in behaviour that is disruptive or compromises the safety of other camp attendees or instructors. Any camp attendee who wilfully engages in disruptive behaviour or any form of bullying will be asked to leave the camp. Parents will be notified immediately to pick up their child. There will be no refund given in this circumstance. Parents will be informed to pick up their child if the said student compromises the experiences and enjoyment of others. There is no refund in this case.

  Holiday Camp Program Refund Policy (Please read this carefully before you register)

 Our training refund policy is as follows:

1) There will be No Refund given upon any withdrawal from the holiday programs therefore we advise all parents to read our policies very carefully before registering for any of our programs. Plan your schedule, accommodation (if applicable) and finances before you purchase a program.

2) There will be no refund for Change of Mind.

3) No refunds will be given should your child miss a session or the entire holiday program.

4) While we do not offer a refund, should your child miss the holiday program due to illness or injury, we will offer you a credit on your account, which you can use at our next holiday program. A medical certificate is required to qualify for this credit. Credits must be used at the next holiday program which follows and cannot be carried over to subsequent holiday programs or academy programs. Should you child miss the next holiday program, all credits will be forfeited and no refund will be entertained.

5) Refund under special circumstances may be given solely and exclusively at the discretion of the management. Should a refund be given under special circumstances, an admin fee of $50 will apply per student / per seat purchased. Refund under special circumstances can only apply up to 2 weeks prior to our camp dates. No refunds will be entertained 2 weeks before holiday camps, during the duration of the camps or after the camps.

6) Refund requests must be made in writing to[email protected]. Requests made over the phone will not be considered or authorised.

7) Please consider your financial status and obligations or responsibilities before you purchase any of our programs. Innovate Tech Camps will not be held responsible for any issues arising from your financial position at any point.

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy Privacy Policy

All information and personal particulars collected are for the use of Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and for the purpose of the tech camp you have signed up for.

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy only requests medical information with the sole purpose of helping your child during his/her hours at the tech camps.

All information collected is not passed on nor sold to any third parties or disclosed to anyone.

We do not use your email to send you any further information after your tech camp is over. If you would like to find out about future tech camps or weekly academy programs, please subscribe to our mailing list at innovatetechcamps.com and innovatetechacademy.com

Please plan ahead, read and understand our Terms and Conditions before you enrol into any of our holiday camps.

All Tech Camps listed on Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy website are powered by Innovate Tech Camps Australia. Both Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and Innovate Tech Camps Australia have the same Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer: Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and Innovate Tech Camps reserves the right to amend the Holiday Program Terms and Conditions without prior notice.