Who We Are

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy is the founder and organizer of the Innovate Technology and Robotics Competitions.

Our team strives to provide a wholesome Robotics Education curriculum to the public and schools in Melbourne, Victoria. Our academy conducts robotics incursions in primary and secondary schools and participates in Science & Technology Fair for high school students to inspire them about exploring careers in science and technology. Our public programs are filled with different challenges every week where we groom our students to achieve the best of their abilities and our holiday programs are innovative and are often booked out and attended by students from many parts of Victoria and interstate.

All our students receive coaching and mentoring on both robotics as well as soft skills such as critical thinking, team building, social skills, leadership skills and presentation skills among others. We mentor students who are preparing for high school and coach high school students who require both coaching and mentoring for their school projects. Our academy also prepares students for various competitions.

Our team comprises of experienced coaches with robotics academy qualifications who have more than 20 years of combined experience of teaching robotics in the classroom.  They are also experienced in teaching children with different learning abilities.The team is supported by curriculum & education experts and child psychologists to ensure every child’s needs are met.

Our Mission

  • Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy is dedicated to motivating today’s children with various interesting robots to enhance their learning about Science and Technology.
  • To add to a child’s learning experience and coach them into becoming technologically competent.
  • We aim to spark children’s interests in robotics and other related new technology to enhance their studies as well prepare for working life in the future.
  • To create a  fun learning environment for children while learning new things and to train them to be receptive to ever-changing technology.
  • To coach a child on soft skills, such as working together as a team, critical thinking, public speaking and presentation skills. We also emphasize on values such as respect, responsibility and good manners among others.
  • The mission of encouragement – We love to motivate children with encouragement especially when the going gets tough. Every child is special and valued at Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and we want them to become better in every way than when they first step in.

Our Expert Trainers and Coaches

Our programs are facilitated by qualified robotics education experts with more than 20 years of combined international Robotics training experience in Australia, USA and Singapore having coached teams for international competitions.They are also certified by Robotics Academy in the USA and are experienced with the robotics pedagogy.Our coaches are also certified leadership coaches who bring soft skill leadership training into our robotics programs.

Curriculum Specialists

Our education specialists design our robotics program. The curriculum is contantly updated with the rapid change in STEM discipline globally. Our program is aligned with ICAS, NAPLAN and IB program.

Our education specialists are experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.These experts constantly keep up to date by attending international conferences and presenting the latest topics in STEM discipline.

Safe working with children

Our staff and coaches are all verified and Certified SAFE by VIC Police to work with children – ‘Working with Children (WWC)’.