Robotics Academy Programs

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy provides technology, coding and robotics education and training programs for kids and teens. Innovate Academy is an award winning robotics academy in Melbourne, Australia. At Innovate Academy, students will learn robotics, technology, leadership skills and a wholesome STEM education in a fun, engaging and highly interactive environment together with like minded peers. Students do not need any prior experience in robotics to be a part of our academy programs. We invite you to join us if you are an open minded learner who is unafraid of challenges and does not give up when learning is tough.

Students will learn about the big world of robotics, technology and other scientific concepts. They will explore how things work, question how and why those things work and apply the same concepts of critical thinking and problem solving to the very tools they are required to work with. Students will get to build and program robots according to a specific curriculum provided by Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy. Advanced students can take on academy certification programs of different levels and even join our competitive robotics team.

Join us. Be the young innovator, the solution pathway finder or the student who is great at workarounds and adapting to changing conditions!

So what do I need to be part of Innovate Robotics Academy?
A good attitude to learning and problem solving is required and this will help you greatly as you adapt to the various problem solving scenarios. Not giving up halfway through the term when things become a tad more challenging than you thought will help you become a stronger person. If you have an interest to learn and want to do well, join Innovate Academy and be part of Australia’s award winning robotics academy.

Arduino Physical Computing, Electronics and Coding projects for Kids and Teens

Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico Physical Computing, Electronics and Coding projects for Kids and Teens.

Makey Makey physical computing and coding projects for kids and teens.

Raspyberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico physical computing and coding projects for kids and teens

Microbit physical computing and coding projects for kids and teens



Physical Computing with Ardiono

Robot Arm

Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi

AI Data Science Python Project



The Advanced Systems Academy focuses on higher level robotics and technology programs for students in Years 7 and above. Using technology such as VEX robotics and a variety of Arduino robots and other digital technologies, students who are interested in advanced robotics and technology will take their knowledge to a higher level.


The Robot IQ Robotics Academy is for students in Grades 4 to 6 who wish to develop a sound understanding of robotics and take their learning forward with advanced modules such as certification exams and participation in local, state and national robotics competitions as extended activities.


The Robotic Systems Academy is for students who are open minded to learning different types of systems from arduino robots to circuits and other robotics platforms. Students will learn a variety of different systems through different terms. Suited for students who are keen on learning a variety of platforms.


Junior Engineering Academy is an integrated STEM program for junior students in Grades 1 and 2 introducing them to coding and robotics with a variety of fun learning activities with simpler concepts and an exploration into how things work.

Be A Young Savvy Programmer

Students will learn programming skills and understand how their codes control their robots and the outputs. They will understand the logic behind programming.

Adaptable to a changing environment

With a dynamic and changing technology environment, students will become adaptable to new technology and become comfortable with the changes each new technology brings. Students will understand that change is part of the world we live in and find new ways to tackle issues and problems with a positive attitude.