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To many, this might seem like a simple coding task but to a junior STEM student, this is an incredible achievement.

Something they might not have done before or knew they were even capable of.

Due to their really young age, it took a lot to get here. Instructions, hand holding, ...gentle reminders and lots and lots of encouragement.

Who knows if someone’s #STEM or #technology career was inspired from this little starter project or others such as this.

Don’t give up on the juniors.

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Working it out

Behind the making of me (robot), was a group of people working it out. ⬇️

It might not have always have worked out according to what we wanted but we worked it out anyway.

The good thing is, we didn’t give up working it out.

...We will keep working on it while we work it out. 🦾

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Over time, our competitive robotics teams start ditching the “I’ll try” when it comes to helping others in their team.

Instead, it becomes “I’ll do it.”

When that happens, it is a sign of growth and maturity in the team. It shows that they are comfortable with one ...another and caring for each other.

Perhaps it’s also because they are finding solutions everyday that they have become comfortable with being out of their comfort zone and just want to keep finding ways to help.

When that happens, it’s truly a joy to see.

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Who else is a VEX mess under control? 🙌 #robotics #vexrobotics #robot #innovatetechacademy #stem #steam #teens #melbourne #australia #programs #afterschool

Let’s talk about exasperating things that happen in the classroom. Hardware and software integration.

Sometimes things happen and more time is needed to troubleshoot the issue and while that happens, the STEM teacher can be under pressure to solve the problem as well as manage the class... and even classroom expectations. It is something that happens to us occasionally and we find that we have to become quick thinkers and have other activities for students to do while this is being sorted out.

That’s why it is good to have open conversations about the STEM classroom to students and parents.

Let them know that these things that occur are not abnormal but normal from time to time. Technology is not perfect. There will be issues. There will be harder and better days. It is all part of the problem solving we talk about when we say STEM.

Open and honest conversations around STEM learning are what we need.

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Life is better on the mat, no doubt. #innovatetechacademy #robotics #junior #programs #stem@#steam #lowerprimary #robot #education #melbourne #australia

Nothing makes an instructor more happy than a highly engaged and participative robotics class.

When they are so keen to raise their hands and speak out the answer, being unafraid of being incorrect, you know you are creating a safe STEM learning environment.

This learning ...environment, we will keep working on.

#innovatetechacademy #robotics #interactive #engagement #stem #steameducation

Step by step in STEM, we will get there. If we allow ourselves the opportunity to.

If we come into it, knowing we don’t have the answers all the time and that the journey to discovering solutions is the goal, we will feel alright about making mistakes or not getting to the solution.
We will feel that it is ok even if we didn’t know the answers YET, but who knows, next time we might.

Let us discover things step by step 🚶‍♀️, shall we?

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If you are immersed in STEM, robotics, engineering, technology and systems etc, when you travel you can’t help but marvel at the sheer complexity and design behind sophisticated world class transportation systems.

You’d think:

How did they do all that? Who is the team behind ...this? How long did they take to complete the entire system? How far below did they have to get into? What challenges did they have? How did they overcome those obstacles?

What do they do daily to ensure this system functions? What are their team roles?

Did anyone ever tell them this whole MRT system feat would be a mission impossible? If so, how did they overcome those opinions and keep going?

Something we take for granted daily has a whole big team behind it, making sure people are safely moving about their daily lives. When we study STEM subjects, we are able to appreciate so much more behind every piece of technology, engineering design and anything designed to make human life better.

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