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Session Time:  

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Fee: $49 per participant

Program Description for 2023  

Topic: Family stressed to best

Topic Description: Connecting to your child’s giftedness

The Goal: The Maxwell Parenting & Family program is designed to equip parents to use proven methods for raising well-balanced, well-behaved and well-adjusted children. Our goal
 is to strengthen the family unit by resourcing parents with the skills they need in order to become leaders and role models in the home.

The Vision: The vision of the Maxwell Parenting and Family coaching program is
to equip, empower and encourage parents to help their children become the highest version of themselves so that they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Mission: To change the world, one family at
 a time. When we change ourselves, we can change our lives. When we change our lives we can transform our homes and our children. When we transform our children we can affect change in our communities. When we change our communities we can transform our country, and when we transform our country, we can change the world!

As a certified Maxwell Parenting & Family Coach, I can come alongside you as a guide to help you implement the right strategies and structure into your family plan. Raising children is 
a life-long commitment and we are here to give you the tools you need to be the best you can be for those who need you most: your children.


Event Key Terms and Conditions

  • Registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment for the event.
  • This program fee is not refundable so participants are encouraged to ensure they can attend the online event before registering.
  • Participation is online via ZOOM and participants will be required to have access to a laptop and stable internet connection.
  • Participants are required to adhere to protocols of the event to ensure a safe online event for all.

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