Frequently Asked Questions At Innovate Academy

Why should I enrol my child for an Academy Program?

If your child’s future includes programming, robotics, technology, engineering, chess or youth leadership and development for soft skill training, being at Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy can provide a solid foundation in object – orientated programming, mechanical engineering, teamwork and well developed critical thinking skills. Plus, your child will have the added advantage of a STEM and youth leadership background which will stand him/her in good stead for the working world in the future.

Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy endeavours to motivate students into participating in robotics competitions, taking on a certification pathway and providing them with a solid foundation in the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and other youth development subjects .

What are the benefits of Technology and Youth Development programs?

We teach students critical thinking. Our coaching fosters:

  1. Clear thinking. 
  2. The confidence to make decisions.
  3. The ability to work with others as a team.
  4. The confidence to keep going despite setbacks.
  5. The ability for a student to see beyond themselves.

We coach students how to find the best answer as fast as they can and build their resilience at tackling solution based learning.

Do we need to purchase any equipment?

No. All sets are provided for the students by Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and they are used as tools in our STEM programs. However, students are expected to exercise care and responsibility when handling all equipment and return them at the end of each session.

We encourage students to Bring Your Own Device (laptops only) for coding programs, however you may rent one at ITRA for classroom use during the sessions.

Does your academy only focus on building with Lego and other elements?

No, the academy does not focus on building robots alone or playing with Lego bricks. We do build, however, programming, testing, theory and understanding are some of the essential components of a complete STEM education.

The robots are cool! Do we get to keep them?

Unfortunately, students cannot take the robots out of the learning centre as they are the property of Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and will have to be returned at the end of each session or holiday program. If you wish to purchase something, please get in touch with us.

At what age can my child join your program?

Anyone from Grade 2 to Grade 10 who loves robotics, technology and has a love for learning new things is welcome to join the academy programs. We also have coding programs for kids and teens who love to code.  Occasional workshops are available for students who would like a shorter course. We also offer personal coaching for VCE Computing students.

Does my child need to have prior knowledge of a subject beforehand?

No, your child will receive the appropriate coaching during the sessions and will catch up once he or she attends the academy program regularly. What we do want, however, is students who are interested in the subjects we offer and display a positive attitude towards life long learning and technology. Good core values and a respect for others is essential to be part of Innovate Academy. Remember that you can make a difference in class with a great attitude.

How does a class work with a robot?

Our academy has ample robots for the students to carry our their missions. However, Innovate Academy places a huge emphasis on team work and the sharing of ideas. The students at our academy work in teams of 2 to 4 (or a little more if they are preparing for a competition).

How long is each session?

Robotics is 90 minutes per session.

Coding and game development is 60 minutes per session.

Chess is 60 minutes per session.

Do you have any trial sessions available?

We do have trial sessions from time to time. Please visit the page of the program you are interested in to find out more and register.

What if we miss a class?

We have limited time to organize make up sessions so we do need advanced notice of an absence as soon as possible. Make up sessions are usually before the usual session and done as a combination of a longer class with a short break in between.

How do I make payment for my first term and subsequent terms?

All payment has to be made in full before the first lesson of each term. All payment has to be made online. Subsequent renewals can also be done online at the relevant academy web page. Places at each program are on a first come, first served basis.

Are there any registration fees?

No, there are no registration fees. Each after school program runs for 8 weeks and the fees are standard per child, per term.