Game Coding Academy

Age Range: Grades 2 to 6

Prerequites: Suitable for students who have a keen interest in computer science. No prior experience is required. Good core values in the classroom is expected.

Learning Requirements: If your child has additional learning requirements, please contact Innovate Academy before enrollment.


The Game Coding Academy is a is focused on teaching you how to design and develop their your  own games.

You will learn how to code while creating their own games. Think Minecraft, Scratch, Roblox, Game Maker. Throughout the year you will learn how to code with a variety of game making applications and platforms and enhance your coding and computational thinking skills.

Add on’s include working with other like minded people, making new friends while developing your new games, finding the thrill of developing games that actually work and having other play your games! These are some of the activities at the Game Coding Academy.

Delving into the world of game making  makes coding more fun, exciting and your skills just get better as you learn and do more.  Enhance your coding, your game making skills, brush up your digital literacy and have the fun stay with you through learning new platforms. If you are a serious game maker that is!

Minecraft Education is a game-based learning platform that builds STEM skills, unleashes creativity, and engages students in collaboration and problem-solving.

How does it work in class?

Students will work in both individual and/or group projects. They will be in different levels in class, according to their abilities. When working with others, students will be placed into groups appropriate for the level they are at.

Benefits of learning how to code and create games:

  • Learn a variety game making applications through the year
  • Improve the ability to focus
  • Understand the game design process
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Take on an iterative approach to problem solving
  • Enhance Digital Literacy skills
  • Build confidence and creativity
  • Prepare for secondary education and projects at school and higher learning
  • Prepare for the jobs of the future in a rapidly advancing technological world
  • Develop patience, resilience and strong leadership skills in managing and advancing in technology.

Game Coding Academy Details Term 3, 2024

8 week program each term

Start Date: Monday 15 July 2024  | End Date:  Monday 2 September 2024

Session Time: 4.45pm to 5.45pm (Mondays)

Venue: Forest Hill College,  178 – 180 Mahoneys Road , Burwood East, VIC

Class Ratio: 10:1 (Student : Educator)

Cost: $330 per term, per student (Includes Minecraft Education license for classroom use for one term. License renewals are per term.)

Monday Term Dates for 2024:

Term 2 (8 weeks) – Monday 15 April 2024 to Monday 3 June 2024

Term 3 (8 weeks) – Monday 15 July 2024 to Monday 2 September 2024

Term 4 (8 weeks) – Monday 7 October 2024 to Monday 25 November 2024


Program Key Terms for Enrollments & Renewals

  • Bookings /Renewals for every term can be done on this page.
  • Fees can be paid anytime during the current term for the next term before the due date.
  • No cash payment at the door.
  • Fees must be paid in full before a student can enter the program every term.
  • Student must not attend class if unwell and contact the academy for an online alternative or a credit. Public holidays are made up with either an extra lesson or session hours added on which will be decided by Innovate Academy.
  • No parent / guardian is permitted to stay in the classroom as the program promotes independent learning.
  • NOTE:  Please refer to notices from Innovate Academy for make up lessons and session changes during the term, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Pay securely by stripe credit card payment method.

Do you want to pay by instalment? – Call and speak to our program specialist.

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