NOTE: Our policies regarding COVID-19 and classroom safety will continually be updated to suit changing conditions. To stay up to date with our policies, please visit this page for updated information.

At Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy, we would like our students, parents and staff to remain safe in the time of COVID-19. To ensure everyone is safe and well, we require everyone to play their part so that students can learn in an effective and safe manner through this time.

Please read our COVID SAFE POLICY below carefully.


1. All students enrolling into an ITRA program will have to fill in a health declaration form at the point of booking.

2. Parents must provide the correct contact details to facilitate contact tracing if required. Parents are responsible for keeping ITRA informed should there be a change of details.

3. Sudents should only come to class when they are well. If they have even the mildest of symptoms, they must stay home. Please get in touch with ITRA to discuss a credit or make up class options.

4. Students will have their temperature taken upon entering the classroom weekly.

5. Only students who are enrolled may enter the classroom. No visitors will be allowed in the classroom. All parents are advised to contact ITRA by contact methods provided, for any queries or program clarifications.

6. Students will be required to use the hand sanitizer at the point of entry / wash their hands before coming to class. Upon leaving, students will sanitize their hands.

7. All classrooms will be provided with hand sanitizer for use at any point.

8. Students must follow government guidelines when it comes to wearing masks. Students over 12 years must wear a mask when attending any ITRA program.

9. Social distancing is required in the classroom.

10. Students will be allocated a seating plan of 1.5m apart from others. The seating plan is to facilitate contact tracing if necessary. They will not be permitted to swap places at lessons without approval from ITRA.

11. All staff will use face masks and disposable gloves in the classroom.

12. Staff will not attend work if unwell. If a replacement instructor is not available, the class will be postponed to a later date and parents advised accordingly.

13. All equipment and class tables will be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant as appropriate for each equipment after each session. This will take a few extra minutes for each class so the start and end time of each class will stagger so that this process can be carried out.

Thank you for working with us to help keep everyone safe. Your efforts are so appreciated!