The Vex Robotics Teen Camp was held over the last three days with teens building a Vex robot, performing a mini-skyrise challenge and doing programming with ROBOT C.

The teen tech camp concluded with an exclusive industry tour of Autodesk. The teen campers, combined with some of our tech camp alumni and Robotics Club members were treated to a tour of the Autodesk facility to see their innovative products, learn about their Inventor software and see machines at work in the world.

The day at Autodesk was a true eye opener for the young generation about innovation and how they could use Autodesk products to support their creative endeavours. The teens even impressed the staff at Autodesk with their Vex robots built at the Vex Robotics Teen Camp and played a mini Skyrise Challenge.

Autodesk staff generously provided the kids with snacks and drinks and everyone had a great time. A special big thank you goes to  Autodesk Melbourne staff for hosting this event.

Autodesk is a primary supporter and sponsor of the Vex Robotics Australia Competition and we are very priviledged to have this industry tour for Robotics Club / Innovate Tech Camps kids and teens. It was a great day and a great conclusion to the Innovate Tech Camp Spring Holiday Camps 2014.