Behind a complicated but successful space mission, an invention or anything else, there is usually a TEAM. This team behind the success would have spent hours working together on problems, modifications, challenges and solutions.

Some of those hours would have been a breeze, some would have been tough and some would have just been banal. However teams would often have to work together to overcome those problems. From an initial idea to the final product, there would have a range of emotions such as excitement to frustration to disappointment to sheer happiness. Every team would have its own story………

At Robotics Club, learning how to work together with others who are of different temperaments can sometimes prove a challenge for kids. Sometimes, they get on like a house on fire and at other times they just wish to walk away from the team.

There are no promises that things would always be smooth sailing, but the difference at Robotics Club is that while things can get tough, we will be with them through it.

The kids at Robotics Club are a cheerful lot. They have their challenging moments and are still working through their team issues from time to time. However, what sets them apart from others is their attitude of being willing to look for solutions to improve teamwork – that's just them being real and learning problem-solving skills and how to support their team.

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford