Social Media September

Robotics provides students with soft skills. Skills which are just as useful if not more than technical skills. The ability to communicate well, develop good relations with others and a person's attitude will help them go further.

Robotics in the classroom is one such place where a student's soft skills are put to the test. The high energy levels, discussions, debates, team building and communication skills are challenged each time. However, students at our club know that it is perfectly fine to make mistakes and that learning from mistakes is good for everyone.

Students become aware of the need to work as a team as well as the need to communicate with other students. They become exposed to real life work situations which can prove to be challenging in many aspects. Yet they also get to face successful teamwork and begin to understand how important their attitude to situations and circumstances are.

It is not just about a robot or learning how to make one, but the situations that arise from invention, innovation and creativity and how to manage that successfully with others.