Teamwork is never easy but yet it is very important. In our lives, we have at some point had to work with others. Some teams work well together and some don't. When teams can't work together, it can be very painful for everyone and the project is affected.

That is why at Robotics Club, our weekly emphasis is on working together as a team, collaboratively with a common goal to achieve. Of course, we can't expect everyone to work together peacefully and without disagreement every time! (Think: "Grrr, why aren't they using my idea. It's really good! Hmmph!") However, we emphasize that whilst a team can disagree at times about various things, they need to find ways to talk through their issues together and find a solution which suits everyone.

It is never easy to find a solution that everyone is happy about and this can be really tricky when you try and get kids to work together in a classroom. The kids at Robotics Club usually try to find a solution pathway not just to solving real world engineering challenges but to working better as a team for the benefit of everyone.

Teamwork is something we work on every week at Robotics Club. We work on our teams and workaround our issues and at the end of the day, everyone emerges stronger and wiser! Just love robotics, challenges and all.