It’s been 5 weeks since our Robotics Club started in Term 2 at Camelot Rise Primary School and we’ve been up to several things. The kids in both the WeDo class and the NXT class are incredibly talented and have been working hard and having fun!

For the WeDo class, the kids got to talk about different types of robots and have explored the use of Gears in real life and have watched videos of the same. They have all successfully built and programmed two robots from the WeDo series. These kids can certainly follow instructions from manuals which is a great start to the world of Robotics! Last week, we decided to challenge them to build their own robots and were amazed at their creations. Let’s see if they work this week!

In the NXT class, the kids have been building their robots over the past few weeks. It was challenging for them as NXT sets come with many parts and little pieces. A few groups started programming their robots and making them work. We set out a little challenge of getting their robots to move along a straight line and doing a turn. They have also explored the uses of gears and are starting to see them at work in their own creations which is exciting!

The Robotics program continues to run through the year and we will continue to build and tackle new challenges throughout Term 3 and beyond.

Here’s a little video we have created for you.