We are excited to launch the Spring 2014 Vex Robotics Teen Only Camp. In this camp, teens will build a Vex robot using mechanical parts from the Vex Robotics System. They will also learn some basic programming with ROBOTC.

The camp is designed for teens to be together with like minded peers and work in a team to build a more complex robot to complete the season's challenge which is "Skyrise". Teens will learn and understand that facing challenges is part of the learning process. This camp is designed to equip them with some robotics skills as well as soft skills which will prepare them for their lives ahead.

Plus, we are excited to include an industry tour of Autodesk which is at Kilsyth on Day 3. Teens will get to see the Autodesk facility, talk to the Autodesk experts and learn about the cool innovation there.

Don't miss out on this exclusive camp. Find out more and register below:

Teen Innovator Vex Robotics Camp for Teens Only