When Robots Tell The Story – Junior Robotics

When Robots Tell The Story – Junior Robotics

One of the ways of teaching robotics in the classroom is to make robots tell the story. The Ozobot is one such engaging robot with a whole dose of fun in our STEAM classrooms.

Using visual code, the Ozobots can carry out specific tasks such moving faster, slowing down, line jump, u-turn and more all while telling a story (eg. Ozobot starts to slow down (snail dose code) when approaching the haunted house and runs away quickly (nitro boost code) when followed by a ghost!

Our Junior students have loved the Ozobot and the number of activities we have done over the past two terms especially when telling a story, because in a story, those visual codes become more powerfully etched in their memory, along with their growing knowledge of Ozobot.

Launch of Winter Creator Camps

After a busy and successful run of the Autumn Maker Camps, we are back with modules that are exciting, engaging and fun.

Engineering, electronics, robotics, coding, 3D printing – there is so much to look out for!

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Robot Virtual Worlds Summer Holiday Program

One of the coolest technology in town has got to be Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW). Students and some schools are starting to adopt this new robotics platform which means there is no need for a physical robot!

RVW is a platform for students to do programming in a virtual environment and in either the classroom or from home. Students learn how to program using ROBOTC and try out many missions and challenges. RVW teaches students about STEM as students apply critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and calculations among others.

RVW is a motivator to kids as it has many missions to meet, challenges to overcome and badges to earn. The best part of RVW is how easy and affordable it really is.

Students are signing up for Robot Virtual Worlds in Summer 2015. Don't be left behind! Learn programming, unlock achievements, earn badges and impress others with Robot Virtual Worlds.

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Camp Highlight – Vex Robotics Teen Only Camp

We are excited to launch the Spring 2014 Vex Robotics Teen Only Camp. In this camp, teens will build a Vex robot using mechanical parts from the Vex Robotics System. They will also learn some basic programming with ROBOTC.

The camp is designed for teens to be together with like minded peers and work in a team to build a more complex robot to complete the season's challenge which is "Skyrise". Teens will learn and understand that facing challenges is part of the learning process. This camp is designed to equip them with some robotics skills as well as soft skills which will prepare them for their lives ahead.

Plus, we are excited to include an industry tour of Autodesk which is at Kilsyth on Day 3. Teens will get to see the Autodesk facility, talk to the Autodesk experts and learn about the cool innovation there.

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Teen Innovator Vex Robotics Camp for Teens Only

Winter Tech Camps 2014

Our winter tech camps have come to and end but hey, there is Spring 2014 camps to look forward to! We have met over 90 kids in 1.5 weeks with some of the tools from our warehouse out in full force.

From Vex IQ Add It Up challenges, EV3 Nature's Fury, Vex Robotics Teen Highrise Challenge to exploring with circuits, electronics, modular robotics and Lego WeDo, we have been busy but very happy.

That ends winter but get ready  for Spring Tech Camps 2014 because they are out and registrations have already begun to come through for the Young Explorer camp with new modules added.

Check out the Tech Camp photo gallery

Innovate Tech Camps Reaches A New Record!

Thank you so much for your support and belief in giving kids and teens the opportunity to innovate! We are preparing all the logistics for each camp and are looking forward to impacting many kids and teens over the next two weeks!

Have a safe and fun-filled holiday and keep warm! We will be back with new exciting camps in the making.