It has been a much mentioned topic, that robotics, coding, electronics and the works, are for boys. This is a common misconception and as a result, many girls have shied away from STEM subjects.

However, over the years, Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy and Innovate Tech Camps have seen more girls coming into our progams to "have a go", "try it out" or "let's see what happens" and they realize how much they can achieve and how much fun problem solving can be and many of them end up coming back to learn and discover more.

This is truly encouraging, especially since it is an uphill task to get girls doing STEM subjects. There is still a long road ahead in this mission of getting more girls into coding, robotics and more, but we will press on for you never know.

Especially in these days when there is so much cool technology around to entice everyone. How can we resist? 🙂

Check out our Maker Day and Tech Camp for Girls at the following links and get your girls into STEM and STEAM education:

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