The Vex IQ robot is a cool new tool which students in Australia are getting into. Vex IQ is designed to be easy for students in primary school to use as it is tool free using snap-together pieces. This means students can build a Clawbot IQ or Armbot IQ.

With so many pieces to choose from, students can build their own robot and drive them with a gamepad-style controller or run them autonomously using advanced sensors such as the Distance Sensor, the Color sensor or the quirky Gyro Sensor.

Vex IQ is a great educational tool for robotics and students can do a lot with it. They can use up to 12 Smart Motors or sensors at once, make chain or tank thread fit any length or swap gears. There is so much to do. Plus, students will be able to learn to program with ROBOTC.

Joining a Vex IQ Club means students will be able to receive a complete STEM education plus they will be able to participate in our Vex Robotics Australian National Championships. Vex Robotics Competition (VRC) is the fastest growing robotics competition in the world.

Join a club today to be a part of an exciting adventure in the world of robotics.