Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy’s Team Robotic Boomerangs 89999A (consisting of 3 members and of Vex IQ World Championships 2016) made a trip down to Wangaratta, Victoria where the Vex Robotics Nationals were held.

There were 28 teams participating and all were school teams except for our Team Robotic Boomerangs. The team did very well and rose up to the challenges of the day and ended off in 2nd position in an alliance match with two other schools which was truly incredible and a testament to the dedication and passion of Innovate Academy’s students.

To top off the sweet end, our boys bagged the Judges’ Award for their Engineering Diary, their ability to explain their robot design and capabilities plus their overall performance.

Judges Award is presented to a team that the Judges determine is deserving of special recognition.

Considering this is our first time sending a team towards the Vex Robotics Competition, this is an excellent result! Congratulations Team Robotic Boomerangs!