Robotics Club is pleased to be organizing the first ever Australian Vex Robotics National Championships on 15 March 2014. Together with our program sponsors Northrop Grumman Foundation and AUTODESK.

More information on this event can be found at Vex Robotics Championships

So how can I participate in the Vex Robotics National Championshops?

There are ways you can be a part of this prestigious event. Schools can apply for a Vex Robotics Grant and start a school team to compete at our Nationals event of which the winning team will compete in the Vex World Championships in California.

If your school is not part of the Vex Robotics arena, then you can join Vex Robotics Club which trains teams who can participate in our championships.

Vex Robotics is now part of quite a few schools with more kids forming teams to become Australia's young generation of innovators. It is set to grow and even more teams will participate in 2015.

Are you missing out? Get your school to apply for our Vex Robotics Grants today or simply join our public Vex Robotics programs.

Vex is the Now and the Future of a wholesome Australian STEM driven education.