This Saturday 29 November 2014, high school robotics teams across Melbourne, New South Wales and Canberra will meet to compete in the Vex Robotics Competition Skyrise Challenge 2014- 2015. This event is organized by Robotics Club Australia.

The action-packed tournament will feature teams who will compete with and against other schools in a series of back-to-back robot challenges, made possible by the following sponsor AUTODESK. Participants will compete for the championship title by strategically executing the game SKYRISE, driving robots they designed, built and programmed from the ground up using the VEX Robotics Design System.

“The technological economy of the future depends on equipping Australian youth with the tools necessary to become tomorrow’s leading innovators,” said Gary G, Founder of Robotics Club Australia. “This tournament provides kids with an engaging hands-on learning experience that promotes a passion for science and technology – instilling in them an appreciation for the field and an enthusiasm to pursue STEM-related education and careers."

Save the date and come to the Vex Robotics Competition to see who will take the Excellence Award and make it to the Vex Robotics World Championships. Details below:

Vex Robotics Australian National Championships:

Date: 29 November 2014, Saturday

Time: 9am – 4pm

Venue: Hillcrest Christian College. 500 Soldiers Road, Clyde North

* Free entry. Registration is required at the reception.

* Registration information is collected for registration and security purposes only.

*You enter the competition area subject to the organizers conditions of entry. You will be photographed and filmed in this area. You will be issued with a sticker that must be worn at all times to identify yourself.