Everywhere the Vex robots show up, kids never leave them alone. Such is the power of the Vex robot!

Why? Kids will tell you after trying it out for themselves how cool Vex robots are. Vex robots give kids the power to drive them around and is a totally interactive and engaging robot. Vex robots have a "come and play with me" look as they don't just need to be programmed autonomously to move around but can be driven with a joystick which immediately makes them far more user friendly than any other robot.

Well, don't just listen to our raves about Vex robots! Try them out for yourself if you happen to to meet them at one of our exhibitions or come to Australia's largest robotics competition happening next month to have a look:

Date: Saturday 29 November 2014

Time: 10am to 4pm (free entry)

Venue: Hillcrest Christian College, 500 Soldiers Road, Clyde North, Victoria