Just over the last week, we welcomed more than 200 robotics teams from countries in the Asia Pacific who flew into Melbourne for the Asia Pacific Robotics Championships at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It was truly an amazing experience to see more than 200 robots!

The first day saw teams check in, have their robots inspected and attempt their Robot Skills Challenge. On the second day, teams and event staff were busy with many rounds of qualifying games for Vex, Vex IQ, Humanoid and BDS systems challenges. Balls were flying everywhere and nets were filled to the brim in the exciting games.

The third day saw the semi-finals and finals for all the four competitions and winners were declared. Yes, the best of the best. An enjoyable 3 days of cultural exchanges between participating teams. Gifts were exchanged between teams and lots of photos were taken.

It was amazing to see many children involved in STEM, something which is still growing in Australia. It is our dream to see more children get involved in STEM related subjects over the next few years. Perhaps, this is a good start to many more to come!