A preview of some of the awards to be won at the coming Vex IQ Robotics Competition

The Design Award:

Team with a professional design approach documented in the Engineering Notebook. The Design Award is presented to a team that uses the Engineering Notebook to demonstrate an organized and effective approach to the robot

design process, project and time management skills, and team organization. The winning team will be able to describe how they implemented an efficient and effective design process to accomplish the project goals.

One of the primary missions of the VEX IQ Challenge is to help students acquire real world life skills that will benefit them in their academic and professional future. The Engineering Notebook is a way for teams to document

the learning experiences and demonstrate a better understanding of the engineering design process.

It also serves as a historical guide of lessons learned and best practices.

The Engineering Notebook and the discussion with judges will demonstrate the team’s ability to produce a student built robot with minimal adult assistance.