Winter Tech Camps 2014

Our winter tech camps have come to and end but hey, there is Spring 2014 camps to look forward to! We have met over 90 kids in 1.5 weeks with some of the tools from our warehouse out in full force.

From Vex IQ Add It Up challenges, EV3 Nature's Fury, Vex Robotics Teen Highrise Challenge to exploring with circuits, electronics, modular robotics and Lego WeDo, we have been busy but very happy.

That ends winter but get ready  for Spring Tech Camps 2014 because they are out and registrations have already begun to come through for the Young Explorer camp with new modules added.

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Camp Highlight – Nature’s Fury with Lego Mindstorms

This Winter of July 2014, take on Nature's Fury with Lego's latest EV3 robot.

Take on different mission challenges and learn all about the wrath of nature and all its elements. Think tsunamis, wildfires, volcanic erruptions, storms, floods and others.

Students will think of how nature's elements affect people and their communities and brainstorm ways to help people. Come and join this camp to learn about problems affecting the world and our communities and program your robot to try out some interesting missions.

Nature's Fury calls, take on this challenge:

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Camp Highlight – VEX IQ Add It Up

Come Winter 2014 and Innovate Tech Camps is pleased to launch the very first Vex IQ Add It Up Camp. Registrations for this camp are starting to come through as more students are becoming curious about Australia's newest and hottest robot on the scene.

During this camp, students will learn about the Fibonacci sequence. Not only that, they will get to build a Clawbot IQ and get their hands busy on the Vex IQ Add It Up game with cool bucky balls. Plus, learn about the sensors of this IQ robot and what they can do.

Join Australia's new generation of young inventors for our Winter 2014 season!

Winter Holiday Camps

Registration has begun for the Innovate Tech Camps Winter Series. Several kids missed out on the Autumn Camp, so don't miss out this time. We have new and exciting modules for kids and teens.

Play with circuits, electronics, Vex IQ robots, EV3 robots or build a Vex Clawbot in our Teens Exclusive Camp. Check it out:

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