3D Printing Workshop for Teens -Summer 2015

At Tech Summer School, teens will get a chance to learn about the world of creative 3D printing. They will learn how 3D printed objects are made and how it all works. Plus, they will get a chance to design models and attractive pieces of art.

3D printing is a revolution and will bring out the maker in your teen.

Last few seats available! Sign up before you miss out below!

Teen Innovator Tech Summer School 2015

Robot Virtual Worlds Summer Holiday Program

One of the coolest technology in town has got to be Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW). Students and some schools are starting to adopt this new robotics platform which means there is no need for a physical robot!

RVW is a platform for students to do programming in a virtual environment and in either the classroom or from home. Students learn how to program using ROBOTC and try out many missions and challenges. RVW teaches students about STEM as students apply critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and calculations among others.

RVW is a motivator to kids as it has many missions to meet, challenges to overcome and badges to earn. The best part of RVW is how easy and affordable it really is.

Students are signing up for Robot Virtual Worlds in Summer 2015. Don't be left behind! Learn programming, unlock achievements, earn badges and impress others with Robot Virtual Worlds.

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Tech Summer School for kids and teens

In January 2015, a new Tech Summer School will be in full force at Forest Hill College in Burwood East. Innovate Tech Camps Tech Summer School has robotics and technology courses for students from Grades 1 to 12.

Students are now able to choose from an array of courses designed for different age groups such as Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW), electronics and modular robotics, basic engineering concepts, game development using Scratch, Mindstorms EV3 robotics, Vex IQ robotics, Engineering with Arduino and even 3D printing!

Registration for Summer School has started! Check out Tech Summer School 2015 for kids and teens in Melbourne:

Tech Summer School for kids (Grades 1 to 6)

Tech Summer School for Teens (Grades 7 to 12)


Summer Camps -January 2014

Innovate Tech Camps Summer Camps have been on going in the past two weeks. We have been so thrilled to be among very innovative youth who have such passion for technology.

We have entered the world of bio medical sciences and have been exploring how fractures are repaired, stents inserted, pacemakers for the heart, bones and lots more.

It has been amazing seeing robots at work with their bio medical missions and how  these are powered by our students. Well done.

We have more programs available for our Autumn Camp in April 2014. The programs are out here on our website. Book your seat for an Autumn Camp and get your hands on our early bird offers.

Check it out and book your place early! Let the innovation begin!