littleBits of Power – Melbourne’s Maker Day

The first of our series of Maker Days Melbourne got off to a great start on a cold and rainy winter morning! Brrr……

Primary aged kids gathered to try out the power of the littleBits. They had lots of fun creating various circuits, combining them with art while developing a greater understanding of how things work in real life.

The littleBits Global Chapter in Melbourne is organized by Robotics Club Australia. With the successful first event, we are happy to announce that there will be more of such events for kids! Kids will have more opportunities to make, create and explore STEAM!

Be part of our Global Chapter and check out our Maker Days Events – seats are limited!

Winter Creator Camps – Now Available

After a successful run of the Autumn Maker Camps, we are fast approaching Winter 2015. To beat the chill, we have all our programs for the Young Explorer, Young Inventor and Teen Innovator up for booking!

Young Explorer (Grade 1 to 3)

The popular electronics modules, interesting touchpads and modular robotics with Lego and engineering mechanisms make their return!

Let's Check Out Young Explorers!

Young Inventor (Grade 4 to 6)

NEW electronics have been added to our Young Inventor middle school module. Plus the NEW Gather IQ Robotics Challenge. Coding in the Virtual environment returns! Register at:

Let Check Out Young Inventors!

Teen Innovator (Grade 7 to 12) – Teens Only Camps

Gotta love the ultra cool teen environment where teens can just be themselves, learning in a relaxed environment with like-minded teens from Melbourne and other states.

Arduino makes its appearance again! Now is the time for teens to get in.

3D printing returns for teens (seats are very limited in this course).

Let's Check Out Teen Innovators!

Lots to look out for. All Winter Creator Camps are now available for booking!

Snap on Electronics Modules Comes to Robotics Club in 2015

Snap on Electronics Modules are available for our exclusive Robotics Club members in 2015.

Snap on Electronics gives students an in-depth understanding and exploration of how things work in a very much hands-on way. Students will come to understand the basic principals of electronics and learn about real world applications and work on problem solving quizzes.

Find out how you can be part of any of our clubs to enjoy some of these benefits: Robotics Clubs

We are a little tight on spots at some of the clubs so if you are really interested to be a part of our club and think you qualify after reading our pre-requisites, then send us an email at [email protected].

The Best Tech Summer School in Melbourne

Tech Summer School in Melbourne for Kids and Teens in January 2015

What to do upon a summer's day in Melbourne?

Innovate Tech Camps Tech Summer School is a highly engaging and hands-on 10 days experience where students gain academic and life skills training over the holidays.

Kids and teens will come to understand their values and how they live their lives. Not only will they develop their soft skills, they will explore technology and robotics and learn to take a problem solving attitude towards challenges. There are different modules to choose from from electronics, Aduino, 3D printing, Vex IQ, Mindstorms EV3 and more.

Students at Innovate Tech Camps Tech Summer School form firm friendships with their peers and develop their social skills. Students will find meaning during the holidays by upgrading their knowledge and skills at Melbourne's Tech Summer School!

Several bookings have come in from interstate and around Melbourne and Victoria so come and join in the fun and learning and make new friends on this summer journey!