National Science Week 2016

National Science Week 2016

National Science Week 2016 – A celebration of Droids, Drones and Robots!

What a fantastic week we all had visiting schools and presenting keynotes on Robots, Droids and Drones, plus engaging high school students in the area of coding. We brought along our robot friends to the schools.

It was fun getting students to dance with the humanoids, together with their synchronized dance moves, making everyone laugh – that is what STEM subjects should be. That is what we would like learning to be.

In the meantime, the robots are tired and taking a well deserved rest while the other robots get ready for the upcoming Innovate National Science Week Challenge Vex Robotics competition this Saturday, 20 August 2016 at Forest Hill College. We can’t wait!

Launch of Tech Summer School 2016

With the focus on coding, robotics and bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education to the young, Innovate Tech Camps presents Tech Summer School 2016.

After a successful launch of new robots in the Young Inventor and Young Explorer modules and using sensational 3D blocks which connect vertically and horizontally, we are bringing some similar modules back after receiving great feedback from the students who attended our STEM Spring Camp 2015.

RoboSENSEsation was a big hit with students who spent much time building and programming robots. As were the Arduino modules and virtual robotics modules.

Tech Summer School 2016 has a huge focus on coding, robotics and 3D printing in line with the need to develop STEM in Australia. At Innovate Tech Camps, students will have access to the latest STEM modules and tools and develop their skills in coding and robotics, while developing greater thinking and problem solving skills.

Join Tech Summer School 2016 and prepare for the jobs of now and the future!

Winter Creator Camps – Now Available

After a successful run of the Autumn Maker Camps, we are fast approaching Winter 2015. To beat the chill, we have all our programs for the Young Explorer, Young Inventor and Teen Innovator up for booking!

Young Explorer (Grade 1 to 3)

The popular electronics modules, interesting touchpads and modular robotics with Lego and engineering mechanisms make their return!

Let's Check Out Young Explorers!

Young Inventor (Grade 4 to 6)

NEW electronics have been added to our Young Inventor middle school module. Plus the NEW Gather IQ Robotics Challenge. Coding in the Virtual environment returns! Register at:

Let Check Out Young Inventors!

Teen Innovator (Grade 7 to 12) – Teens Only Camps

Gotta love the ultra cool teen environment where teens can just be themselves, learning in a relaxed environment with like-minded teens from Melbourne and other states.

Arduino makes its appearance again! Now is the time for teens to get in.

3D printing returns for teens (seats are very limited in this course).

Let's Check Out Teen Innovators!

Lots to look out for. All Winter Creator Camps are now available for booking!

Young Explorer and Young Inventor Tech Summer School

Innovate Tech Camps Australia recently concluded the first week of our Tech Summer School in Melbourne. We were very excited to welcome kids from New South Wales, Canberra and different parts of Victoria for Tech Summer School.

It was a great week of exploration and innovation among kids. Modules such as Electronics, Vex IQ robotics and basic engineering courses were very popular. Students and parents were particularly fascinated by Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW) where Tech Summer School students achieved many missions and the gratification from it all was instantaneous!

All in all, it was a great week, seeing so many children come into Tech Summer School for a season of learning. We look forward to welcoming our Teen Innovators and our final batch of Young Inventors in the coming week.

The best news is that Autumn Maker Camps are available for booking! Woo hoo!

Robotics Teacher Professional Development Courses

At Robotics Club, we provide Professional Development (PD) Courses in Robotics for teachers. We have a range of teacher PDs for robotics platforms such as Vex IQ, Vex, Robot Virtual Worlds and Lego Mindstorms EV3.

Robotics Club has provided teachers from several top schools in Melbourne with PD's to help them implement robotics in the classroom. The robotics PDs are designed to equip teachers with knowledge and understand how these platforms work before they implement a robotics program in their classroom.

There are more robotics teacher professional development courses in 2015. Check it out below:

Robotics Teacher Professional Development Courses

If you are a teacher and would like to find out more about our PDs, simply email us at [email protected] and a member of our education team will get back to you.