Innovate Tech Camps – 20th Tech Camp

Innovate Tech Camps – 20th Tech Camp

It’s Innovate Tech Camps 20th tech camp! Hurray!

We simply can’t imagine having reached our 20th tech camp in 2018. Way back in 2013 when we had our first tech camp, it was with the old LEGO Mindstorms NXT model for the Grade 3 to 6 students and Lego WeDo 1.0 for the junior students.

It was with the very cool LEGO Green City Challenge which kids found so exciting and come to think of it, although we were way smaller then in terms of classes and programs, we all had heaps of fun but we have never looked back since.

Innovate Tech Camps went on to develop various other STEM courses which focused on robotics, coding, technology and digital literacy. We have welcomed kids and teens from all over Victoria, various states of Australia and even overseas visitors. We fondly remember sharing great memories with lovely kids and teens who came in to learn because they love technology.

It’s been a great ride and we thank all our Innovate Tech Camps Alumni and the parents for entrusting your precious kids to us. We will continue to grow and develop even more programs in the near future. See you at one of our future camps soon!



STEM Programs in the Fall

Autumn 2016 has some new modules available for the next holidays. What a great time we had at Tech Summer School. Check our Autumn selection.

STEM Programs in the Fall
Young Explorer (Grades 1 to 3)
Young Inventor (Grades 4 to 6)
Teen Innovator (Grades 7 and above)

Don't miss out!

Launch of Tech Summer School 2016

With the focus on coding, robotics and bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education to the young, Innovate Tech Camps presents Tech Summer School 2016.

After a successful launch of new robots in the Young Inventor and Young Explorer modules and using sensational 3D blocks which connect vertically and horizontally, we are bringing some similar modules back after receiving great feedback from the students who attended our STEM Spring Camp 2015.

RoboSENSEsation was a big hit with students who spent much time building and programming robots. As were the Arduino modules and virtual robotics modules.

Tech Summer School 2016 has a huge focus on coding, robotics and 3D printing in line with the need to develop STEM in Australia. At Innovate Tech Camps, students will have access to the latest STEM modules and tools and develop their skills in coding and robotics, while developing greater thinking and problem solving skills.

Join Tech Summer School 2016 and prepare for the jobs of now and the future!

STEM Spring Tech Camps

In the blink of an eye, we are now heading towards the last of Innovate Tech Camps® holiday programs for 2015! In January, we had the amazing Tech Summer School, followed by the Autumn Maker Camps in April and the recently concluded Winter Creator Camps.

It is always such a pleasure to welcome kids and teens from many different places as we gather to explore technology and robotics and spend many good hours coding and working through problems together with the like minded!

What's great at Innovate Tech Camps® is how teens and kids are empowered to problem solve and work together with others while developing their skills in robotics, technology and coding.

It's great to see how many students are taking steps to enhance their interests in STEM to prepare themselves for the future.

Bring forth Spring Tech Camps! Cheers to another great conclusion at  Innovate Tech Camps®