Winter Creator Camps – Now Available

After a successful run of the Autumn Maker Camps, we are fast approaching Winter 2015. To beat the chill, we have all our programs for the Young Explorer, Young Inventor and Teen Innovator up for booking!

Young Explorer (Grade 1 to 3)

The popular electronics modules, interesting touchpads and modular robotics with Lego and engineering mechanisms make their return!

Let's Check Out Young Explorers!

Young Inventor (Grade 4 to 6)

NEW electronics have been added to our Young Inventor middle school module. Plus the NEW Gather IQ Robotics Challenge. Coding in the Virtual environment returns! Register at:

Let Check Out Young Inventors!

Teen Innovator (Grade 7 to 12) – Teens Only Camps

Gotta love the ultra cool teen environment where teens can just be themselves, learning in a relaxed environment with like-minded teens from Melbourne and other states.

Arduino makes its appearance again! Now is the time for teens to get in.

3D printing returns for teens (seats are very limited in this course).

Let's Check Out Teen Innovators!

Lots to look out for. All Winter Creator Camps are now available for booking!

Spring Holiday Programs 2014

Spring Holiday Programs 2014

Tech camp Spring 2014

Innovate Tech Camps and Robotics Club's Spring technology camps for kids and teens starts tomorrow! We are certainly looking forward to this exciting adventure in the next week and a half.

We are starting the Young Explorer program tomorrow which has Cubelets (modular robotics) and electronics and lots of projects to complete. Oooh what exploration!

There is the Mindstorms EV3, NXT and Vex IQ and Vex robots coming out in full force over the holidays on different adventures. There is never a dull day at Robotics Club. Tiring, maybe but dull – NEVER!

Yes, lots to pack up and move around but hey, that means more kids and teens are being impacted all over Melbourne and Victoria. We're sorry if you missed out on some of our camps. We've just got two spots left for the Young Inventor Add It Up Camp and the Teen Innovator if you wish to make a final dash!

The most exciting thing is, stay tuned for our Summer School…….

Have a great holiday!

Robotics The Modular Way

Cubelets give kids a great headstart to robotics. They are a bunch of magnetic blocks which snap together to make many types of robots.

Playing with Cubelets teaches kids all about sensors and maths with Sense, Think and Action blocks. Just imagine making your own robot without the wires or programming them to perform different movements. Cubelets are the innovative way to expose introduce to robotics in the classroom.

With blocks such as "Distance", kids learn about distance or ultrasonic sensors before moving on to more complex robots. All in a cube format – no programs to write, just connect the Cubelets and learn about what they do. It's robotics, the modular way!

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