Launch of Tech Summer School 2016

With the focus on coding, robotics and bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education to the young, Innovate Tech Camps presents Tech Summer School 2016.

After a successful launch of new robots in the Young Inventor and Young Explorer modules and using sensational 3D blocks which connect vertically and horizontally, we are bringing some similar modules back after receiving great feedback from the students who attended our STEM Spring Camp 2015.

RoboSENSEsation was a big hit with students who spent much time building and programming robots. As were the Arduino modules and virtual robotics modules.

Tech Summer School 2016 has a huge focus on coding, robotics and 3D printing in line with the need to develop STEM in Australia. At Innovate Tech Camps, students will have access to the latest STEM modules and tools and develop their skills in coding and robotics, while developing greater thinking and problem solving skills.

Join Tech Summer School 2016 and prepare for the jobs of now and the future!

3D Printing Holiday Program – Student Project Part 2

Yet another lovely 3D printed object by one of our students at the 3D Printing Holiday Program over summer 2015. The student designed this tree using Autodesk's 123D.

Everyone admired her project and thought it was really cool.

Teens left Tech Summer School with a greater understanding of 3D printing and how it works. The 3D Printing Holiday Program returns at Autumn Maker Camps:

Young Inventor Autumn Maker Camp

Teen Innovator Autumn Maker Camp

3D Printing Holiday Program – Student Project

At the recently concluded Tech Summer School, students never ceased to amaze everyone with their innovation and creativity. On of the examples was at the newly launched 3D Printing Workshop where one of our teens designed using Autodesk design software and 3D printed his very own version of the Lego brick!


Guess what? It actually fits perfectly on the actual Lego brick much to excitement of everyone!

Can you guess which is the 3D printed version?

If you have missed out on this innovative new module, check out the Young Inventor and Teen Innovator Melbourne Holiday Programs for more 3D printing modules coming up this Autumn 2015!